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Good story and the hidden items was goog too. Enjoy it!

the voice acting is excellent and Great puzzles of course. Must have

I love the comic strip panels. Well done!!

This app ruined my life. Keeps crashing

No play time. Unsatisfied

#hidden-object Problem solved. :)! Ok it worked. But I could have sworn I had that crack lined up the first time when it didn't work.Oh well alls well that ends well. The game seems pretty good so far. Thanks for the new game. Hope theres more to come but more like Enigmatis. This new comic theme is great, but im still partial to the creepy games. Also I cant tell if the game is going to be short or not because I usually decide based on file size. But this 1 is hard to tell. If some1 could post how long it is it would help me decide.

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