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Keeps me up to date with the latest news from the NFL. Especially teaming up with Verizon, I can get it anywhere I take my phone. Mahalo Verizon! Fabulous!

I like that the NFL Mobile app keeps me up to date with my favorite team which is really nice during a busy off-season. Its the easiest way to keep up with your favorite team. Works great

Allows me to find answers to most questions i have about the NFL and there goings on. Flawless

This app is my go to for NFL information; it is only after stopping here that I may look at othe sources. love it

This app is extremely good and is one of the very few that i think deserves to get rated Recommend

I have the fastest internet available. When a breaking story comes over I want to be able to read it in it's entirety. This ap freezes on muliple page artichles and will not let you move forward. Its not my device , I've tried multiple devices and brands with the same outcome on the same paragraph. Its becoming too time consuming when other aps load completely. Great!

Love the NFL... not a fan of the reporters. They just seem uninformed on a lot of things you wouldn't consider headlines or just repeat articles with different wording. Love having the app but i would like to see the comments offered in-app. I like reading other people's thoughts but seems pointless to have the app if i have to go to the full page to get the full experience. Worth a go!

Glad we can WATCH NFL games for free with Verizon. Great app - news notifications are nice, especially during free agency craziness. Only drawbacks are: articles don't have dates on them - isn't that important??; sometimes clicking push notifications from the pull down menu doesn't take me to the article the notification is about. Perfect!

The live games and interviews R a nice touch .Definitely for sum1 that dont have cable or like my case 2 kids that own just bout everything.So you can follow what ever team you like and watch them live in those situations whr your team aint aired ion tv in your region. You can just whip your phone out and watch it right on you moblie phone or tablet Works great

It's great seeing the little logo at the top of the screen, especially during the off-season. Fills me in on all the latest news and views. It makes you look forward to all the important events like the trade season free agency and the draft. Great job

This is my first time on, but I was impressed with what I have seen so far. Great articles and up to date posts are a must for a successful NFL site !!!!!! Muito bom!

I think the NFL has monumentally effed up. The commish is evil and overpaid. As bad as Delusional Drumpf! Sad! Amazing!

I think this app is awesome it tells u everything i dont think theres a better app Recommend

It's awesome when I'm on the road and I can't stop to watch the games I just put it up on holder and have my game right there to keep me company lol Just wow

Love the fact that I can see my team play no matter the venue. I also like being able to watch any game I want to see. PERFECT! Fabulous!

I love the convenience of the notifications. I'm an Eagles fan, so being able to customize updates for the Birdgang was awesome. I don't have a TV at my house and I was blown away with being able to watch the playoff games on my phone! Great running speed, too. No lag time on my phone, even though it's an old POS. :) Good job, Guys! Amazing!

I used to love it, but I had to change phones and I Janet heard anything from it since. Yes, I did go in and made sure my information was there. Great job

I love it!! I'm on the go 24/7 and don't have time to sit back and watch much television but I can always count on NFL Mobile to keep me informed Marvelous

What an amazing app so glad I have had it on everyone since it was made available! Since I am with Verizon had special access to things and games before they signed a different deal now where everyone can get it not matter the carrier which is great for all NFL fans!!! So glad they fixed the bugs of streaming the games they have on here was having trouble! But since the night update about a year ago smooth sailing!!! As soon as a trade or anything NFL related for breaking news I get it before the news outlets like ESPN!!! A must download!!! 5 star

It's fine, however like every other sports app out there it leans too heavily on video for my taste. Great!

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