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I like that I can instantly know if something happens to my neighbors,what's going on in the area,lost animals, and just being able to talk to others that normally I would never been able to. It's great to be able to connect to ppl that live right next to me! Cool

The app is generally useful, but I had to take away 2 stars for a serious bug. I will be minding my own business browsing the internet or using another app, when suddenly the Nextdoor app opens itself. It's never for a notification or anything like that, but the app just randomly boots up. I find this extremely intrusive, and I am considering deleting the app on principle. Amazing!

Useful tool that people can use be better informed on the happenings in your nearby area. Can put privacy controls in your profile. I have heard and seen complains that certain people's post been deleted without knowing a reason or ability to re-edit and repost, which seems unfair to me. Surprisingly

I like how I have learned about crime that is happening now and their is a network of home town references for contractors Great job

I find this app useful for the following reasons: 1. Helps you identify your neighbors. 2. Works for selling and buying items and homes 3. You can list lost or found pets 4. Informs you of occurrences in your neighborhood and nearby. ie. Crime, garage sales, etc. 5. Updates with new businesses opening 6. Reviews 7. And so much more Worth a go!

Easy way to keep in touch with your neighborhood and those close by. Many animals have been saved as well as speeding issues, crime, etc. Best app, use it constantly & tell all neighbors about it!! Fantastic

I don't get out much, but this is a good place to get to know those around you and keep up with the community. Also good to know that you have people looking out for the welfare of the places you live and work. Pretty good

This add has helped me find [email protected] very reasonable price.It had helped several people find their lost pets.I even got free firewood on this it. Awesome

It's a fantastic app because back in the day we used to use each other to get things done. And can help and know our neighbors. Not bad

This is a great app! So glad I joined. Great way to help your fellow neighbors and be alerted events happening in your community. 5 star

Would love to have a dark or night mode on it. Also would like to be able to customize my feed to include only the areas I'm interested in - for example, real estate, I'd like to display or not display that category as I want by selecting from a list of check boxes. One last thing, would it be possible to have a filter for posts from X days ago, and or from mm/dd/yy - mm/dd/yy. Would help me look at past topics without scrolling forever. Thanks. Fantastic

It's been useful in a couple of ways that Facebook groups are not. However, unable to upload pics within messaging. Some neighborhood maps are a little off, which might be user error. Great!

We just moved to Florida and didn't know anyone to call for jobs we needed done. Happy I found NextDoor Network. Superb!

I like the app but it would be nice if there is a way to foward posts outside of this app and download pics. i.e. lost pets, items for sale, etc. Perfect

Next door is a life saver and time saver for sure! I am so glad that I can link with neighbors in the area for advice, help and their updates keep me aware of everything going on around me! I love this app! Highly Recommend.

Good to link with neighbors, seems to spam your email and censors content unesesarily Perfect!

I been join 07/2015 when I went to go look at some stuff it said update what happen to all my info I had already Well done!!

Great group of women who enjoy volunteering with school aged children..... school uniforms, etc. Must have

Great for neighborhood collaboration and info in addition to having classified adds. wow lol

It's a pretty useful app but can manipulated by leaders who don't want opposing opinions to be allowed to stay public. It allows for freedom of expression, but also allows that freedom to be extinguished at will. Also, I'm really sick of everyone posting "Urgent Alerts" about their dog getting out. There is a lost and found for that and people will look there if they find your "fur baby". Recommend

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