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This app is a life line to what's going on in the world for us. My only complaint is that it is constantly buffering and regularly stops while broadcasting. Well done!!

Loved the app then the news station in my area Norfolk Virginia area was no longer available. Any word when a news station in the Hampton Roads Virginia area will be available again? Must have

Great app if your cutting cable since most streaming services don't have local news(at least in my area). The quality of the stream isn't always great but I can watch local news live and stream to my tv/Roku/Chromecast. Though I can only watch one channel but I think the others don't have live streams at all where I'm at some near by cities have 2 or 3. Good

The app was very good the 1st week, but then they started running ads in the middle of the news broadcast which are extremely annoying. There are plenty of commercial breaks with dead air from the news stations which could be used to run those ads. Recommend

I love how I can actually watch the local news either live or replay. The local news app is terrible! So the fact that this works so much better really makes me happy. The layout is kind of messy but it works. Works perfectly

I just love this app.. you can get new from across the nation. It meets my needs. Omg

This is a great app for cord cutters. I'm impressed by the selection. I may change my mind but this app is pretty cool so far. I'm cutting the cord soon because I'm tired of sending ESPN and Disney 160 a month and this app will be a great help in catching news when I want to see it. I can also watch local news from lots of different states which is fairly interesting. Good

We don't have Cable TV any more and so with our BTV player we get many news stations with News On and that is because of you. We can also see the current news as it happens at the local station's regular scheduled news times. Thanks a lot. love it

This app is fantastic. I works fine in every way. While traveling, I love casting my local news to the TV. I really can't find a fault with app. For all of those complaining about this app, you should try their website "NOT!" At least with the mobile app you can search and locate a station, create favorite stations, view newscast for the past 48 hours, and do a number of other things. On the website, it only shows 9 stations, none of which I am interested in. Forget the search function and trying to find archived newscasts on the website. It for the most part is useless. If they can fix the companion website I would raise my rating. Worth it!

..would like a station from PuertoRico in English if its available,also would like News Channel 9 WSYR from Syracuse NY & KTLA from California added if possible ..GREAT APP THO GUYS Fabulous!

I would like to have the comercials so its not just dead space between news casts. I know that sounds weird. But play something while on breaks. Great job

When I try to watch WAVE 3 News at 5:00 on the weekdays, I never get to see the opening sequence. Can you fix it? Enjoy it!

App fails to load, useless now. Worked great several weeks ago, but hasnt loaded for several weeks Muito bom!

Wow! Thank you for developing this app, and kudos to participating stations! Not only can I catch the news anytime, anywhere, but I can easily check out what's happening at each location of all my family across the country! WOW! Worth a go!

I love this app! I can now see the news in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. There are only 2 news stations available to watch in Phoenix, but its nice that I can also look up stations from other cities. It did take some playing around in the app to figure out how to use the settings. The only downside is that the channel I watch gets cut-off an hour before the news program actually ends. Instead the video starts playing the previous night's news. Great!

It never stays streaming, always losing signal & returns to my Chromecast home page! This occurs atLEAST twice EVERY time I use it. Unfortunately, it's the ONLY app for local news plus I have no choice in which local news channel I want to watch. NewsON only offers 1 local news channel for my area. Better than nothing, I guess...but please get with it, NewsON! Omg

Buggy. Often, in the middle of the newscast or after a commercial, it will jump back to the beginning and start over. Better than nothing. Convenient if you miss it live on tv or aren't near a tv. Must have

This app is the best! Great way to stay in touch what's hometown stations when traveling. Fabulous!

Was better before. Had better volume control. Had no ads. Now you have to click twice on stations. Enjoy it!

Love it! Really extraordinary display and control. The best tv app I've ever downloaded! Flawless

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