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Very good app Your update has solved the chaning of a news feed issue. Now, it is working fine .thanks, I Iove your app guys , please make the setting option simple

Stopped working It was great but now every time I click a headline to read, it opens another lost of articles in the Article tab. Please fix.

Great App, but... The adds get very annoying. I check this several times a day, so will happily pay for a premium one with no adds / more features.

Not fit for purpose Why can't I view overall articles for my team instead of having to specify down to 'midfielders' or 'transfer news' or 'u21's?' I will continue to use the mobile website where I get ALL news articles. Uninstalling this app which simply does not do what's needed.

Always wanted this app Each time I open my laptop news now is the first site typed. App made the task even simpler.

I love its website but.... The app is ok. I would give it a 5 star rating however in my news feed the headlines do not match with the newspaper given by its side.I open a guardian link to find out opening a daily mail link. At times it opens the right link but mostly the wrong link. Hope you guys update and fix it up

Great service, average app 1. There's no option to login using my account 2. Publication names are jumbled up, eg: an ESPN article is shown as a ghanasoccernet one

Awesome Have been long user and am over the moon when I discovered this app was available

Excellent Best app for following a football team that I support. All news from different sources in one app.. Simply awesome

Great service and app Having been a user of News now for a couple of years, this is exactly the kind of app I'd expect. Simple layout, no frills and the ability to save favourites, which is key. Only slight annoyance is that when reading some articles, the page will suddenly refresh and then be replaced by a white screen. Only happens in 2 out of 10 articles I read, but it's annoying enough for me to note here. Other than that, keep up the excellent work. I hope it stays exactly how it is for a long time.

Good app, needs widget Just downloaded, and as expected a really good app, it's just like the website! Really needs a widget tho so I can glance at new stories. 5 star app for me regardless :D x

Needs a widget and CFL If this app had Canadian Football and a widget for each individual would be perfect!

Good with some early bugs Very glad to see this app. It's early days so I have had a couple of bugs. Developer has been informed. Fingers crossed that the devs are the active kind :)

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