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Nearly all of the Top Articles are from the New York Times. You can only read a few articles a month for free before you are blocked and need to pay NYT for a subscription. love it

I like the quick links on the lock screen. I like the all in one menu. What I don't like, and never did, is the fact that I must touch three links to get to a full story. Why is this app set up as to require three touches? Can't the first touch be setup to go straight to the main story? Works perfectly

Sony Xperia Z. Dark theme please like the Sony music app. It is useless in dark conditions. This is a really nice application for daytime only. It would be five stars if it had a dark mode. love it

I want to know about the next step for Sony as I have the premium mob update me on the next steps for advance in progress on the new mobile device Works great

Good app to read articles but when you read an article (read the half of it) and you get a message from another application(sms,viber,whatsapp etc), when you swap the apps and come back to your article, you have to reopen it from the start. Please fix this. The application has potential to become the best! Muito bom!

Well, everything was fine until the story was interested in reading just suddenly disappeared. How are we supposed to read certain news stories if they just suddenly disappear? Not bad

Please remove the ads. Its supposed to be a news app not an ads app. You should consider this since this app came preinstalled on all Xperia devices. Enjoy it!

I think Sony should add one-touch meaning feature like chrome. Will be helpful at least for students. Everything else is good. Surprisingly

This app used to be very good now, it keeps freezing when ever your on it you start to read something but when you move your page up it stays where it is very annoying... and to many ads. Not bad

Wonderful app. I use it regularly as it is simple yet very customisable. I configured with exactly just my feed sources. I will change to 5 stars if developers can fix the error that keeps cropping up on my Samsung Note 8 every now and then when I click home. wow lol

Like it. Still trying to get widget to display feeds and not instructions. Edit: working, have to set up before applying widget.. Doh!!! Thumbs up app! Enjoy it!

The ads everywhere are annoying and unnecessary... I also think you guys should make the app more simple and understandable, as well as to make the design more pleasing to the eyes and implement material design a bit better.. That's mainly all I have to say about the app. Awesome

I never used a news reader before because it was never done right. This app, however, definitely is, and I really like using it - it's simple yet very informative and well designed. Thank you! 5 star

Why is the cache 220mb's in size! Not only that but it eats through your data compared to other news apps like Google News/BBC News etc Must have

Haven't had a chance to use enough to give honest answers. Need to ask for response after user has adequate time to give honest response. TKS Surprisingly

ترجمه اخبار به زبان فارسی در گزینه های انتخاب زبان ها وجود ندارد. Worth a go!

Love it so much.. One stop center for news around the world.. Lots of love.. Sony is the best ❤ Works perfectly

Sony Xperia Z. Dark theme please like the Sony music app. Useless during the night. This is a really nice application for daytime only. It would be five stars if it had a night mode. wow lol

Been using this since release after timescape demise. A very useful feed reader with inbuilt browser.. Mostly reading with widget.. So it will be nice if widget is made transparent like calender app or extra transparent setting widget.. Awesome

Goes even better with a sony clique, and Erickson, Motorola, for personal reasons or preferences Worth a go!

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