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Newborn baby celebrity pets Is special for me cause a lake it and it makes me think of my dogs Superb!

My niece is playing this game constantly I want to publicly thank the developers for creating such an interesting and beautiful game. My niece adores it and it plays it for hours everyday. She is in love with the puppies and the whole idea that she needs to take care of them. The themes, graphics, design and gameplay are done at professional level and everything is just perfect. Recommended. Awesome

Very cute game! I downloaded this for my niece but I found that I love playing it also! It's got lots of things to do, you feed and take care of your baby or pet. There's many different combinations. The babys and pets are really cute, and the graphics are easy on the eyes. The layout is nice, it has big clear fonts and is easy to navigate even for a child. Lot's of fun! My niece loves it and I do too!

cute baby pets Got this application because my child loves cute baby pets! She loves each one differently as we learned in this one she loves to drag around the fun toy objects. The design of this one is brighter as well. This game is fun and has a few games in one.

Cool Pets This game is great with many options available. Treat the pets and dress them all in one app! The tools are fun for my daughter and not that difficult to pick up. App looks good and reacts the way it should. Very cool looking pets. Worth a go!

Great app for kids Great app for younger audiences - my little sister has been glued to this app for the longest time. I think its much better that he has this app rather than having a responsibility of a real dog lol! App is really well maintained and overall great - would recommend.

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