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This app is still in development, and rating one star does not help! I REALLY hope this app takes off! Great job

appreciate developer's honest comments and update targets. Still mining, not worried about cash out. Know it will be available soon. Nice simple app, adds don't bother me. Don't complain if you're not happy until app is out of Beta. Understand it's still under construction, so to speak. Works perfectly

Funny how after the last time I changed my review they immediately posted an update to the FAQ. Anyways now they're getting more realistic and saying payments are expected for some time in April. I haven't mined with this app in a while but I'm still waiting to see if the payments will actually work. Too bad Bitcoin already crashed and now the amount you would make with this miner is pretty much worthless. My suggestion for anyone looking to get into crypto mining is to start mining Garlicoin. I made $4 in my first few days of mining that on my PC. And I already have access to those funds Muito bom!

Seems like a very nice, simple miner. The ads aren't annoying like with other apps. Its still in development though so cashout isnt quite ready yet, 5 stars when it is. Flawless

This app is coming along greatly people need to just have some patiance. And understand things that are great take time and ie had this since the alpha stage and i still dont give flak keep up the great work dev team Recommend

Last update said they expected to have payouts working within a week. It's going on 3 weeks since that update with nothing new and no progress report from the devs. I'm starting to lose my patience. Surprisingly

I like the app but development is slooooow they, said they would rush coinbase but that's been a few weeks. They really need to figure out when enough security is enough. Superb!

This app is good for what it does and what kind of phone you have set up for it. It would be nice to see the payment system avaliable exclusively for the first app beta users who moved over to this app beta as a test or something! Well done!!

Two stars until I actually see a payout. It's been more than a week. Some people who have had it for longer say that the devs have been promising the payout for quite a while. I like this app and I hope that it is real. Works great

Well in all honesty this is a nicely put together miner app that has a few nice extra options not seen that often but the debate like many before (probably) have said they need to set realistic deadlines and give it to us straight when they realize they won't make it on time for one it's cool if you were wrong just got to be alil more on the ball, you know what I mean. Development is pretty tricky tricky tricky ≧∇≦ sorry had some fun there any who, so don't rush your selves too much and just think it through and pace your path evenly you'll come out with a really great app that works and a creation your proud of. Omg

It's so good and I really like it but 3 stars till you guys finish cashout system Works perfectly

to all of you who are complaining shut up you dont develop apps and you dont develop this apps im sure so if you have a problem let us figure it out and dont complain we dont live for your every beck and call we have lifes oo Flawless

Three stars until I actually see a payout. It's been more than a week. Some people who have had it for longer say that the devs have been promising the payout for quite a while. I like this app and I hope that it is real. Pretty good

This app feels so young, new, honest and dedicated to make the people using it happy. It makes me kinda mad seeing how people are so quick to judge and get angry. A little waiting won't kill anyone. Works great

Just trying to offset all these people leaving 1 star reviews and saying it's a scam. If I could make one suggestion it would be for the team to set realistic deadlines for themselves. Telling people that the cash out will be available in a matter of days and then not delivering is a pretty easy way to make people angry. But don't listen to them! Just get it done! Great!

Man this seems like a good mine but they all have there downsides. Could you please let me withdraw the currency because I have got about 12 xD so poor and I can't do it yet because it's still aparantly in "beta" which you should put on this store it lf it isn't a finished product k plz just want to get my stuff into my Coinbase acount Not bad

Great app! The reviews would be much better if people actually read the app description before complaining that there is no cashout or saying it's a scam. (Quick hint - the app is in BETA) Perfect!

I used to have this app on my other phone and i t was amazing but for some reason on my current phone it goes to black and quits it when I enter the app Works great

I love it and im really hoping and do believe that this is real and i havent been wasting my time mining just to findout this is fake and i cant cashout but for now its a 3 star until the cashout feature is added Awesome

Need electrum bitcoin wallet support and auto trancfer options, otherwise great. PS i will suport you guys to do this. Not bad

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