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This game is kinda fun but it gets boring super fast because after 5 seconds theres an advertisement. Wouldn't really recommend it Worth it!

AWESOME!!! I love that you can change from kid teen or adult, it's wonderful!! Keep it up!! Perfect

I like the app but the only problom is that you cant see the intire sentce. But is Worth a go!

I like it but I can't see the full question please fix if it helps I have a huawei ascend y300 Not bad

Thisbis a fun little game to play but it asks some of the same questions multiple times and thats kinda annoying Fantastic

Awesome I like idea,design,and content in this dare app is experiences to the test with a game of Never Have I Ever I love it

18+ and older Still nice,you should make words changing just by tapping,instead of always pressing back button and clicking again!

Hahahah Awesome question in the app can't stop playing it and you can add more of your own question the best part

Great idea The game is really great,love it. But it would be great to have some statistics on every 20 or more questions.

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