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Missing key features Quite useful for expense reports but missing the last mile: 1. Cannot attach an existing picture which would be relevant for receipts you get over emails or PDF. 2. On the expense log there is a mandatory field missing which I have to update one by one when generating the expense report. **update** the new version works with Android 6.0. Good. But still missing the features mentioned above :-(

So slow its unusable Looks pretty but data is so slow to load its unusable. No point in providing an app that needs a fibre connection to fetch data.

Meh... Better than the nothing we had before but a far whimper from The Force. Reports would be nice.

Better but still not an enterprise-level app After more than a year of a thin expenses-only app and several missed deadlines, this is what we get? Access to all mobile enabled records is a baseline requirement, not a feature. My iPhone users have had access to scaled down versions of their dashboard KPIs, lists, etc for months. Why on earth is similar functionality still not available for Android devices? This is better only because previous version set a low bar. It's disappointing and NetSuite's mobile development team should be ashamed. Perfect

Good job! Timesheets should be enabled and provisioned on account by Admin. If there's none, contact support. Also Mobile Device Access, Track Time, Expense Report are permissions that should have a FULL level to use the My Time & My Expense features. Create time & expense logs while offline using Offline features! :) -Kym Omg

Works well, certain admin settings need to be toggled first For time tracking to work, your account needs to have TIMESHEETs enabled + your role needs to have TIME TRACKING permission. I am eagerly awaiting the next release when time approvals (and perhaps other approvals -- i.e. sales orders) are built in. Today, expense reports can be approved. It is great to see this type of progress.

Timesheets on, Time tracking not working FYI, Timesheets are on for us, but we're only seeing Expense Feature on all roles incl Admin.

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