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An adorable, relaxing, happy game. I've heard all of my friends talk about this game for ages and I downloaded it a few days ago. I am in love. Only problem; sometimes, I will take a picture of one of my cats and it will go into another cat's album without me selecting that album? Is this a glitch or am I just doing something wrong? love it

This game is so addicting! I recommend it for anyone who just wants a cute peaceful game that doesn't make you buy anything or spend 5 hours at a time on. There are no popup ads (thank god) and oh my gosh the cats in the train look so cute! Cool

Although I do sometimes grow impatient with some elusive cats, I always can eventually see and photograph them. Never felt intruded by commericals (always optional), or the need to "buy more." Truly a game for everyone! Flawless

This is so adorable. I always love cats but couldn't afford to keep one, so for you guys who have the same problem like mine, this game is highly recommended for you to download. It's mainly a waiting game but not till you see a cat comes to your place, so adorable and cute. I truly love this game. Brilliant

This. Game. Is. Adorable. The idea of a game where you purchase items to collect different kinds of cute cats is ingenious! The game is leisurely and so you can play at your own pace. I also love that an option was added to rename a cat if you don't like the given name or prefer something else (not that I ever plan on using it, but I'm sure someone out there will). Overall, great game! Tem out of tem! Perfect!

Omg its just like having kids. They rule your life. You got to feed them and make them happy. Love this game. Only thing im dissapointed in is that i had all the room expansions and when i got my new phone there was no way i could save everything so i lost the intire lot. Can you add a way to save our game, whether through a google play account or an email? wow lol

I hate that fat, always hungry cat named Tubbs for eating all the cat food everytime he visits! And he doesn't even leave gold fish to compensate for that greediness! Great!

It's really fun! Also a tip to get silver fish ang gold easily is got to the MENU then NEWS and you can see a Daily Password with a cat dangling click on that then press the INPUT PASSWORD then type the Daily Password you just saw with the cat dangling! You can get either gold or silver fish! Hope this helpsss Brilliant

This game is so addictive and cute! I've had it fort he longest time now I did loose interest for a while, but I figured it's a good app to keep, because I constantly get bored and end up coming back to the cattos Works great

Dude. The cats aren't cats. THEY ARE NEKOS!! OOOHHH THEY ARE SO CUTE! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! I HAVE LOVED NEKOS SINCE I WAS 9! YAY FOR THE JAPANESE NEKOS!! EEK! I'm gonna go ahead and order some Neko atsume merchandise. Wow. I'm such a Neko lover. Best game since Growtopia, or Minecraft. Perfect

This game is SO AWSOME i can't take my eyes off it. I am so happy that they made this game. If they didn't i don't know what I would do with myself. In my opinion the comany of this game are thd best people in the world because they created the best game in the world. Whoever doesn't li,e this game I will track them down and they will never want to go out in public for their whole life because their injury will be that bed. And that just show how much girls are worth. Go well

Very adorable time-passer kind of game, it's nice to have something uniform to check every day and even better that the game doesn't punish you for forgetting to enter the daily password or missing cats that come to your yard. The only "punishment" is when rare cats visit your yard and you don't see them before they leave, and even so that's just a slight disappointment since you didn't get to add them to your catbook first. Regardless, cats come and go and rare cats are sure to come if you get the right things and are patient. Overall, good game, maybe more new cats and goodies and animations? And also, could we have a way to save our progress? I feel like that's a very essential part of any game like this. Google play, file, whatever, as long as it saves my progress. Good

I can't find my fluffnmuffin!!!!???? I can't find him! Did he disappear?! Did some one steal him?! Did he not like me and run away?! Did he get lost in the cattacular mall!? Because I remember taking my lil FluffNmuffin there!? When is he ever coming home?! I LOST MY FLUFFNMUFFIN PLZ HELP HES LOST. I'm so worried..... But I know he's not dead. Because he came back for some cat food in the middle of the night. But I didn't see because I was sleeping... How I know is I woke up and there was no food. Plz help! Recommend

The cats are adorable! I love how you don't have to spend money on it, and how you don't really have to put a lot of effort into the game to be successful. My favorite thing is how you choose of you want to watch an ad or not! Amazing!

However on both my nexus 4 and lg 3 there have been times the program opens as a blank black screen. Other than that, its a great app. One suggestion is maybe making accounts? I know one great feature of this app is that it doesnt require internet, but it would be cool to share pictures of your cats without the use of twitter or if people could visit your yard as well. Perfect

I totally love this game!!! Needs a few upgrade though; like allowing us to expand the photo album to even more pages. I hate deleting old photos just to add in the new ones. If possible, pleasw extend the play area as well. We have so many toys for the kitty but so limited space! Please please please add the album pages and extend the area. Thank you!!! Omg

I have started this game over 2 times (new phones, before save files were a thing). I used to play in Japanese, I am glad they made an English translation. I will probably always come back to this game. They always add new cats and new features to keep things interesting. Great!

I love taking pictures! This app is so cute, and it didn't need any permissions, and the ads are tastefully hidden. I love taking pictures with multiple cats, and I love the interesting cat toys you can buy. I really love the remold themes. I already bought one thing, so I think I'll wait Flawless

Simple, casual game which goes against all rules of instant gratification & trains you to exhibit prolonged patience to succeed. Transforms your phone into a pocket sanctuary of cats who do their own business with no chance for social interaction. Adorable to the max nonetheless. Great!

Love it! Just wish that you could save your progress. It's annoying when you have to remove the app or reset your phone/tablet/iPad or whatever, and you've lost all your progress. Enjoy it!

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