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I love this game, been playing for 3 years i suggest you could add a racing gamemode or king of the the hill. Its a great game i suggest for you to download it now. # Im Mayhem Master!!! Well done!!

I Enjoy This Game But The New Update Made it Harder Here are some suggestions for the next one Lower the price of Xp Boost, Ultra Click, Clan Skins, and Clan Name Color if this does not sound right how about make plasma easier to get if you wanna contact me on nebulous my id is 12782091 Sincerely, Eclipse Omg

It's Addictive Fun And Challenging, It's Well Built And Has Great Features. I'm level 413 And I've Been Playing Since May 2016 *UPDATE* IT'S JUNE AND I'M LEVEL 700!! GREAT GAME!! 10/10 *UPDATE* It Is October I Am Level 853 Still Enjoying This Beautiful Game! *UPDATE*It Is November And I Am Level 899 Almost 900. *UPDATE* It Is December First I Am LVL 910! SOON 999! *UPDATE* IT IS STILL DECEMBER AND I AM LEVEL 951!! *UPDATE* It's February And I Am Level 1026!! *UPDATE* it's the end of March 2018... I quit... Lv 1031. Highly Recommend.

I used to like this game more but recently they came out with all these additional mayhem weapons that makes the matches very unfair. I like the original mayhem better. Bring it back, cut out the extra. The thing I liked the most about this game was the simplicity but it's gotten complicated. Makes me so annoyed when people have too much unfair advantages. Superb!

ᏆhᎥs ᎶᎪmᎬ Ꭵs sᎾ ᎶᎾᎾᎠ! mᎽ ᏁᎪmᎬ Ꭵs ᎬᏞᎬᏟᏆᏒᎾ Awesome

This game used to be really fun but is just annoying now. Im a long time played (ID under 20k) but now the controls are just horrible. I try to shoot mass and it splits me to the max. Fix the way the controls work... Great job

When I try to go to my friend list or my clan list, it just loads, I keep refreshing but it doesn't work. It just happened today, and it's really strange. I thought I was just the only one, but it seems like I'm not. What happened? Worth a go!

I am not sure that game is improving when you add new powerups. Last two powerups (bone and vertigo) are so bad, and good players can receive many loses becsuse of them. And that random powerup also makes mayhem so complicated, that's why many good players or quitted or started playing normal mode. Please deal with it and delete those powerups. All are alright except those aspects I talked about. Make mayhem mode great again. Worth it!

I love this game keep updating because I loveeeeeee I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Fantastic

Nice update! I really enjoy the game so much since 2016, I Hope there is 32x splits and better equal mass mode :3 This game is so amazing :D wow lol

Nice update! Can you Please Change All The Blue Holes And Black Holes To White Holes To Experimental? Please. I really like experimental Now lol please make all blob shooting at the same time and please make 32x splits please :3 This game is so amazing :D Works great

This is better than in the phone I love it and I hope you guys add more anime skin please ♡♥♡♥ Just wow

Very helpful better then agario way better especially you spawn with a shield off the ground Worth a go!

The only problem this game has is that it needs more players. Too many modes has dropped the player base greatly. Flawless

In zombie mode why the zombie can eat a zombie? And also why a survivor can eat a zombie? Omg

It's a really addicting game...I'm not that good but its a great way to kill time I guess. Omg

This is a amazing game! I've made so many cool online friends! I totally recommend this awesome game! wow lol

I love this game but it was so laggy nstuff But thanks for the game Anyway It's Good Muito bom!


I love it tho i got a new phone an lost all my levels tho great game five stars Perfect

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