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हरियाणा न्यूज़ भी शामिल क़रे धन्यावाद Must have

Staying in Malaysia. ..but so close to india..... ...2017now in indonesia....but want to see Azamgarh news in Utter Pradesh Section wow lol

Well, frankly speaking, I have gone through so many Hindi news apps in the last 1 odd months, but finally this particular app suits me so much that now I thought why didn't I download it previously! A perfect to-the-point news app. Pretty good

Congratulations to the team to giving me such a nice app to keep me updated anytime about any news. Keep it up Works great

I am using this app last 1 years, and I found that, this is a good Hindi News app Perfect!

Nice any super I like nbt and iski headline This is very famous news in India It's very fast Amazing!

हिंदी का एक अच्छा मोबाईल अखबार Go well

Developers it uses 450 mb of ram ...using motog5 plus... Ram consumption is too high Brilliant

After updating the app isn't opening. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still it isn't opening. Not bad

Best hindi news app. Far better than the likes of aaj tak and abp news.very very good love it

प्रतिष्ठित अख़बार अपना स्तर बनाये रखे। Omg

पश्चिम बंगाल की न्यूज़ प्राप्त निही होती है। Great!

'No internet connection. Do you want to try again ?' .... Why is it pop up every time i try to open nbt. I have to clear the cache... Fix it. Perfect

When someone wants minute to minute news then NBT is a good option. Apriciable app. Great job

Top News is updated frequently which I like but other sections update are too slow. 5 star

Thanks a lot for accepting my request to change the font of your app.. Love you NBT.. Keep it up.. Amazing!

D̊e̊s̊h̊ b̊h̊åk̊t̊ b̊ån̊o̊ o̊r̊ d̊e̊s̊h̊ h̊i̊t̊ m̊e̊ k̊h̊åb̊r̊e̊ p̊r̊åk̊ås̊h̊ i̊t̊ k̊år̊e̊ o̊k̊ ̊ Not bad

The new update is not satisfactory. Why The news displays in landscape mode. It should be in portrait mode. Worth a go!

I am using Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus handset, Hindi font not showing properly in this handset. Have shared screenshot as asked for yesterday. Marvelous

The no 1hindi news app...true,reliable,all sections,not only read but also hear the news ! Amazing!

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