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The app works well but they often don't have the weekend news on it. What's up with that? Recommend

You need to add a full screen button like every other video app when you do I'll give 5* Amazing!

I love watching this news but I can't get it to play like a regular broadcast all the time. It'll sometimes play just excerpts as opposed to a regular show. Fabulous!

Current version (V2.5.6) now works fine on my LG41C phone. Font Size doesn't seem to work, however. 5 star

Works fine every other version! App developer: Please stop introducing bugs every other version! Current version has not updated since 1/16/2018 Not bad

Thx for removing access to user sd card media folder. You got stars back. Thankyou for listening 5 stars Go well

A good app, but buffers and freezes I installed it three times, and still have the same freezing problems what's the problem? Pretty good

Like the app but don't like the guy substituting currently Christmas week. Doesn't fit this excellent newscast. Fabulous!

Missed my nightly National news via over-the-air television tonight, but upon installing this Android application, I was able to watch the entire ~30 minute broadcast/stream non-stop! (I always hated the news clips, and prefer watching the entire broadcast.) There are a few bearable commercials. I just worry later NBC might included many more commercials in the future, or do something more destructive such as requiring downloading a 200MB application, etc. So far, five stars! I've successfully completed my nightly task of watching the nightly news, regardless of missing the television broadcast! Worth a go!

Great for catching up on national news! No advertisements during the broadcast. Better than watching on tv! Good

I don't have TV. I watch this news on my phone, which is easier to do than on a laptop. Love the NBC Nightly News. Enjoy it!

Cannot cast to TV. Would get one star review but Lester Holt is my favorite news personality Recommend

This app won't playback all of its articles listed anymore, also over abundance of ads. I may as well watch on TV Worth it!

Great app with informative, concise news in video format. No commercials, pop ups or glitches to deal with. Highly recommended! Marvelous

Works fine every other version! App developer: Please stop introducing bugs every other version! Flawless

Great but... When videos are updated, most days of the week, sometimes the video will have 1 ad in the beginning then the video. Other times is broken down to clips, one after the other. Other times there an ad 1/4 into the video then again when 1/4 of the that is left. Very odd. Cool

Since I don't have cable, I really look forward to this broadcast every night! It's always on by 10:01 p.m., almost. There are times when it's a couple hours late getting updated for the day's evening news. How very disappointing that here it is January 30th and there hasn't been an updated broadcast since the 28th. For that reason I'm taking off one star. Perfect!

Ask Trump if this is the peoples country let us vote on immigration. Love your news guys. I record daily so i watch it. This will help me stay up everything going on in case i miss a broadcast Muito bom!

Love Love like it can't do with out it what the hell did my dad do set in front of the TV every evening not me can watch it any were I have watch it in South America,Afica and the Youcon north slope of Alaska 20 below AMASING APP Lester Holt you are the MAN love it

Nightly news Works good for me. The only source for news I watch daily. Lester does a great job Good

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