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It is great, unless you want to view today's news with Lester Holt. I only get yesterday's. Enjoy it!

Can't listen to the live news feed, it plays 3 to 5 minutes then goes silent. It sucks, because it use to work without any problems. Cool

I used to really like this app but they took off Chris Hayes & Lawrence O'Donnell. Pretty good

Love love love the "radio" feature on the app for listening live. Very old school and reminds me of my younger days. That said, why aren't "AM Joy" and "All in With Chris Hayes" listed on the Shows Tab? I love their work! More Chris Hayes!!! More Joy Reid!!! More women and more racial diversity!!! (PS. The MSNBC app on the roku has Chris and Joy. You can do it, MSNBC!) love it

App would be much better if it allowed you to set the notification sound and VOLUME. Must have

some of the articles do not play!!!! Tom Hamberger on Rachaell Maddow there is a error and will not play.!!! Works great

Good news application! I especially like the incorporation of MSNBC. Simple, intuitive design with embedded 24-7 audio listening. Ads are included Great!

Did the Trump admin shut you down along with the government? I haven't seen an update to the news feed in two days! Must have

Hasn't worked in five days now, even after updating, uninstalling and reinstalling. Please fix it. Deleted it and put CBS ap on. Muito bom!

App not updating itself. I now have news that is 5 days old. Although I am still getting notifications for current news I cannot re-read a current article. Sometimes when I click on a notification the article doesn't come up love it

The videos are too small. They will not rotate which makes viewing annoying. Need work. Works great

Hasn't worked in three days now, even after updating, uninstalling and reinstalling. Please fix it. Go well

Love the app for its content available. BUT on 3 different devices (Kindle Fire, Samsung & LG phones, it replays 3-5 seconds several times. This happens during each segment of programs like Maddow or Morning Joe. Very irritating! Worth it!

The ads play automatically and there's no way to turn it off. The stories are repeated for many days, only about 10 new stories a day. Used to be a good app but now it's kinda lame. Go well


Same advertisers on continuous loop for weeks or months, add variety. Same ad over and over is a guarantee I won't do business with that Merchant out of annoyance. Awesome

Why no video feed? Got rid of it on my tv provider's app too. But you can listen live? I don't get it.... Worth it!

The widget is terrible. The concept of swiping down to scroll through cards is cool, but results in pulling down the stored app page almost every time. Very frustrating! Superb!

While I love the content, especially the shows, this app is so frustrating when trying to watch the videos. While the commercials play perfectly, the actual videos lag, stop, or crash the app every time. Please fix this. Pretty good

I like most things about this app. I've stopped using it, though, since 'click to read more' became a thing. Seriously, just put the whole story on the original link. This is annoying enough for me to have switched completely to other news apps. Worth a go!

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