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Can you guys work on making a career mode. And what about fixing the shooting fouls and charging fouls. And the blocking can be tweaked a little better, overall I love this game THANK YOU #EA Amazing!

Overall this is an ok app. I haven't played this game for a while. I think there can be a lot of updates to compare with Madden Mobile. EA, I'd like to see major updates such as, VR graphics/gameplay, better quality, and easier tp get players and coins. Thanks EA for making awesome games. Pretty good

The update is not good. How you let higher overall get such huge advantages over lower overall especially the offence and defence advantages. You should let the game fair. What was good about this game before is how weaker players still got chance to beat stronger players. Now u took it away, not good. Beside, what fun on this game before is to look on small details that our players strengh, match it with our game style, some players maybe got lower overall, but that players detail match with our game style, this was fun mix and match like that. But now all its gone, we now need the most highest overall no matter the details, cos the offense and defense advantages too huge. Fabulous!

This game is perfect however it has two mayor flaws: 1. I CANT SEEM TO GET A GSW AND ROCKETS COLLECTABLES(95 LeBron James) I have found literally 8 or 9 for everyteam And 2. Once they miss a shot I can't switch to the nearest person/ big man making it easier(way) for them to score its annoying. But it's honestly the best game in the store(Hands down) Just wow

It needs improvements in gameplay its seems harder to chasedown blocks and their are not as many dunk packages i thought there would be posterizers, windmills, 360s, and leaning slams, and high flying one handers,however the dunks we have arent really flashy.Instead its the same dunks from when it first came out with no changes to it and the defense seems off as well when players start slashing it seems very difficult to stop the person from slashing.Please read this plea and take it into consideration to apply this to an update or next season. Fantastic

Need to update shot meter like 2k17 and let us have the players on their own team and we can not buy players they are just on their own team. Omg

I'm tired of constant losing in LeBron event the computer keeps making lucky shots... I feel as I don't a fair chance to win.. Cool

I wish we could trade & didn't have to use so much of our stamina for a "chance" to win. . . I've never wanted replays or a game saving/sharing option so bad .. They're truly taken for granted. . .Why can't we win our live events but can have league challenges && our player's stats went back to the way they were before we trained 'em ?? This update sucks !! I was 2 tokens away from getting LeBron && where was Kobe & Jordan ?? Brilliant

Would definitely be the best basketball game ever if it let you create your own player!!!! Then, I'd give it 5 stars! Great!

The player rolls up uselessly after releasing the sprint button. Sometimes the player doesn't pass the ball to an open player n misses the shot. EA team you need to fix this issue. Works perfectly

Tuve que descargarlo desde otra app porque aqui dice que no es compatible con el dispositivo y mi celular es Samsung galaxy s7 Amazing!

If you could add substitution it would be awesome bcoz players like LeBron and Durant cannot play together. Otherwise this game is ba ba beast Brilliant

A great game, but I've a suggestion, can you please add the stat sheet at the end of the game. The only thing that lacks in this game is the stat sheet. Good

This is really good game, but every time when I hit perfect release it's not going in!!!! And graphics are same as it always was. In the trailer it seems like a good update but in real life there nothing changed!!!! Perfect!

The framerate is getting lower.. lower.. and lower.. I'm wondering what game engine they're using. Superb!

plss NBA live the game is awesome so far cherry on top would be after each season game to show the stats for each player how many points they got rebounds and etc please make that happen Pretty good

I love your tweaks EA! The controller looks clean, the scoring looks good and modern, every minimal detail is great and you've fixed the gameplay! Good job Surprisingly

It's good but adjust the time per play to 5mins or more allow a timeout and substitution in the game..have a half court violation like a real life basketball game I think it will help to improve the game..bring a fouls and more to improve it thank you.. Well done!!

The game play is good but I think you guys should include a summary so you could know exactly how much your team mate score Fabulous!

Best NBA game I've played, thought the auction needs work as it is confusing initially to figure out the player comparison Omg

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