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it's called NBA live mobile recently EA announced that there will be no NBA live 17 they decided to take their resources and focus them on the mobile market because it is in emerging-market broke boys and girls across the world can't afford consoles and PC so a lot of them. so many players are now playing games on Phones so they are focusing on Mobile gaming.

Fully featured on it has a slew of different modes and things to do which I have to praise right off the gate is kind of like mad mobile in a sense arm, has head-to-head season mode you have leagues that you can do. just like the console version where you can basically collect different types of players and then build the ultimate team up and play online. it has a store auction so you can auction different types of cards off as well as sell items. the micro transactions so before we get into the gameplay. microtransactions what I wanted to make it's not a negative I mean it's mobile it's gonna have microtransactions but they're not that bad.

They have all these different packs and like that it's not bad you can earn in-game currency as I I think it's pretty fair as far as many new players.the positives the soundtrack isn't too bad in this game I like the sound. so graphically it does not look that bad looks like a ps2 game.


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