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Great way to begin collecting. Some panini rewards points would be awesome or a way to get actual card would be cool Perfect

My number One and most used app since day I uploaded it! Loving new pack battle and case breaker with other features. Good forum would be welcomed. Keep on doing a great job! Support from Croatia! Nick: Petro44 Amazing!

App is fun. Have fun trading with other users. Has came along way since first released. Still has bugs when releasing new sets. Would like more coins every 4hrs. Videos for free coins hasn't worked in awhile. Chat in trading would be nice. In app name cls. I have the latest update. Muito bom!

This is game has great potential although like all other apps it has its bugs.. Their replies are faster than what they use to be and they do try to fix the bugs each week so I've upgraded the stars. Contest still has a few scoring issues and I would like to see more cards for contest released via cash purchases or coins.. maybe higher multipliers? With the same concept of quad signatures? My username is iSojuBoy wow lol

This App would be great. It has lots of great content, features, contests, and cards with signatures and material. I would have given it a 5 but there is so many users with multiple accounts that it is impossible to get the best cards since those users get way more coins than you do if you only have one account. In the trading section there is always a small amount of users with the best cards but somehow their card count is really low which makes no sense unless they have multiple accounts. Otherwise the App is great for digital sports cards. Hope this helps. Chaload Perfect!

This app is more run than before. I like the contest competition, and the pack battles and case breaks. The cards are nice, with lots of inserts and series. Problems seem to get resolved in new updates. I really enjoy this a lot. LITTLEKITTEN Marvelous

Fun App! I love the Pack Battles and Case Breakers. I have a few issues with this app, it force closes way too much! It has done it a few times during pack battles and it doesn't let me back in to finish the battle. I put a card down that was higher then my opponents before it forced closed when it was over and the round summary was up they gave the cards to my opponent even though my card was higher. I also have issues with Trades when I scroll down thru my cards they all disappear? I have to back out and search by team or players to get a trade in. If these issues are fixed I will rate 5 stars but still a fun app! User name BLAZING503 Worth a go!

Great app, very fun and addicting to play. I constantly lose track of time. I wish my phone was better, as it glitches a few times but I know what I bought. Thanks for the app! BDurante1011 Must have

Love this app. Only problem I have is having to start all the way at top when searching trades and backing out. User I'd is LEGEN-DAIRY Fabulous!

This app is just amazing. The app may not need any updates for now but can you guys fufill the suggestions from the community to make the app better for everyone. My username is RaygunRhino. Highly Recommend.

User Name: RUPERTMUNDY Taking card collecting into the digital age, Panini's Dunk along with their NFL product, Blitz, are exhilarating collections of photography and amazing designs, especially the insert sub sets. Dunk introduces plenty of intriguing and amazing insert cards highlighting current NBA stars. These lines offer plenty of autograph and relic cards for collectors to chase. Panini's sig and relic cards are tailored not just to high-end collectors but also to those collectors on a tight budget. The photography is absolutely amazing! Thanks to digital cameras, today's sports cards, both physical and virtual, really take you to the game on cards featuring players in action! The app contains a fantasy game component based on cards in the base set, as well as some of the inserts. Set your best lineup with the cards in your collection and watch the games and follow your team's progress on the back of the cards, which tallies points earned with up to the minute stats! The best feature is earning free coins in which you can use to purchase cards in the app's store. Logging onto the app every four hours you will receive 500 coins You can also make real money purchases of bundled coins. Making a real money purchase entitles you to VIP status. In the VIP store, you can purchase cards that, unlike the regular store, may guarantee a sig or relic card or may offer better odds for said cards Than the regular store. I love that your entire collection is right at your fingertips in your smart phone. Whether trading cards with another user, at no charge, or setting your weekly fantasy lineup or just browsing through your collection (When was the last time you browsed through your physical collection?), card collecting has never been more engaging or fun! Flawless

This app has improved dramatically in the past 6 months. Card designs are great and look better than those on Topps IMO. I'd still love to see trading improve and a better way to sort through and view cards in my collection. Username : Woundedduck Well done!!

Super fun to play with in the spare time. Fun collecting the autograph cards and memorabilia cards. Overall pretty fun. Brings me back to my childhood when collecting cards was a common thing for younger children. Rich17300 Perfect

i'm an avid basketball cards collector and this app brings more fun to my hobby. it is really a whole new and cool way of collecting. great job panini dunk team! Enjoy it!

One of thr bst basketball card collecting app out there. I wish there are more game modes where you can use your cards. Username: MoneyShotGames Fantastic

This app its amazing, l like some collections and love the pack battles and case breaks, I have only one complain, I use facebook as a login method and its around seven months that you migrate this app and Blitz app, but I dont have my coins and cards from the old apps, when we can get them? My in app name is "joelur" Recommend

5 stars! i only have one request guys.. pls, pls put the BACK of THE CARDS as well.. pls and thank u; user name: dad. Omg

Godfather0220 loves the app and am obsessed with buying packs, case breaks, trading and playing in the contests Brilliant

Good app but I want to know how much is These inserts are worth in real dollar value and can you cash out the card to a dealer Worth it!

Amazing app! Pack battles and case breaks are great! Just like the real thing! Easily beating the other company that has a card app by 1000%. Very reasonable prices and can obtain exclusive VIP status and packs with no limit on how much to spend a month! User name kashiithecat Works perfectly

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