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Mar 24, 2017

Controller Compatible I love to use my controller on games but with this game it is complicated. First of all you have barely any control of the main menu let alone the game. I got to play a little and A ended up being to shoot and X to pass. After about a minute it stopped working. Please fix this so I can have an optimal 2K16 Performance Go well

Mar 24, 2017

I like it but it's missing one thing This is a good game I enjoy playing it and everything but I feel if I have to pay 7 dollars for it why would you take out something that's important and I'm talking bout the mins in my careerr make it to where you can set your mins and I will give this game a 5 Stars that's all thank you Great job

Mar 24, 2017

Needs improvements A few things missing in the game like announcers, players missing on the bench, teams missing in quick play, and no in game arena sounds ( shot clock sound, buzzers, and referee whistles and it's not a compatibility issue because I have the Galaxy Note 5. I know the game just came out but I'm just pointing out fix needs and I will definitely rate 5 stars when it runs perfectly because this is one of my favorite games. Not bad

Mar 24, 2017

Crashing on the Nexus 6P. I can't even try it. I'm going to assume that its not yet been tested on Android 6.0 Edit: works fine now. Game is fun and has loads of content. My only gripe would be the speed - it can be sluggish even with graphics toned down on a very high ended phone. Recommend

Mar 24, 2017

Needs fixes Lacks sound and commentary. Can't sign free agents when managing rosters. Lacks controller support for MyCareer. Had a much better experience playing this on my iPhone 6 Plus. I love this phone and I love Android, so I hope you guys put out a better quality product for 2k17. Awesome

Mar 24, 2017

Please make 2K16 available for my phone: Xperia M5. I bought this game from an older Chinese phone and it worked ok. Now that I've upgraded to Xperia, I was surprised that my new phone is not supported. I'm pretty confident that the specs can handle this game very well. Make it happen 2K! Thanks! Flawless


Not bad but could be so much better. SOME gamepad support (unlike wwe2k) but its kind of buggy and no ui interaction, which is annoying. Graphics and gameplay are top notch some of the best I've seen on playstore. Odd bugs like the hornets being called the bobcats by the announce team, hawks uniform still having rw&blue in it, etc. Hopefully they can patch these gripes and bring us an amazing Mobile gaming experience! Omg


Really fun I love the fun of this game! I don't even follow basketball that much, but I got this game because it looked cool and fun. One issue I have with it though is the crowd doesn't show up for me. I don't know if it happens with anyone else or if it just hasn't loaded yet or what. Also I don't like to play with the audio on because it's terrible. Other than that I love it! I wish you could make NHL 2K as good with the graphics and features because I'm a big hockey fan! Worth a go!


NBA 2K 2Bomb Really a 3.4 rating is not deserved... it's a great game and I've been playing it non-stop since getting the game. Great controls , great graphics with one exception the fans having triangular faces haha... but it's OK I have no complaints. Wishing it would be available in more countries for more NBA fans Great!


Hey Great update. Including the roster and the shoes. I hope you guys won't get tired of updating this game. And I hope more shoes please? Great game for a mobile app. I won't compare this with ps4 or pc. This is the "To-Go" nba app. I play with this when I am bored or traveling or even in my rest days. Great app 2k I just hope for more updates esp. On shoes. :D Cool


Got a few issues The commentating is constantly cut off after a word or two and there is no crowd in the arena but you can still hear them. After 1 game in the season I get the black screen just like everyone else, can this be fixed please? This was a paid for app not a freebie. I would like the game to look just like its advertised. 2k is the king of basketball games dont disappoint your fans leaving the mobile game like this. Enjoy it!


Good overall game It's a pretty good game considering its a mobile 2k16. It does get slow at times during the game and the common long waiting times during free throws / throwing the ball in does get annoying. Its still a good overall game with decent loading time when you start the game. Graphics are good and there are options to make the game look better if your device can handle it. Sadly, the games reviews is riddled with people trying to play this game on a potato complaining that it wouldn't even start up. Great job


The Good & The Bad (with LG G4) The Good 1) great detail went into making every player. awesome job. 2) good crowd noise. 3) player stamina is realistic as it goes up & down 4) good options and modes in the game. 5) Great music tracks. The Bad 1) no commentary 2) clock runs even when play is stopped 3) controls need to be more precise. 4) 2Gb file. 5) probably worst of all it drains alot of battery. Overall worth the money because its fun with good potential if these flaws are fixed. Just wow


2k16 BEST PLAYER I have no problems with this guy and everything works just fine everybody's talking about that day experiencing bad problem with black screen after a game not me minds work just fine thanks 2K16 mobile phone game creators Recommend


Great For Mobile This app is much better than the last NBA 2K app I played (14). The quality of game play and graphics is outstanding for a NBA 2K mobile game. The best part about this app is the MyCareer. It is literally a full-fledged MyCareer with full character upgrades, drills, "social media," dunk packages and other animations, GM sit-down, and basicly every other part of MyCareer from around 2K13 or 14. It doesn't have the fancy cut scenes like the full 2K16, but that doesn't really matter in my opinion. Great game! Pretty good


Great I think people legitimately expect TOO much out of a mobile game. This is great, if you're looking for anymore buy 2K on a console. It's a mobile game imagine the size it would be with commentary and legends and benches and a better crowd and sweat physics and moving hair and all the other stuff people complain about... Come on now!! Controls take getting use to but that's the only REAL complaint. Works great


Great NBA 2k16 really exceeded my expectations. It is really fun and has many different cool modes you can try and the gameplay is fun. The only thing that could be improved are the graphics and shot accuracy. Also, shots that are listed as excellent and are given an A+ still fall short which can be annoying. In the MyPlayer mode you cannot go on hot streaks. The CPU doesn't seem to find it realistic for some reason. Surprisingly


Crashes Alot! Okay overall it has great graphics. But what the heck is up with this app? $7.99 for it but i cant even play a quick match. For example i choose my team and who im against. Then as i start the match it crashes. Ive tried clearing cache, rebooting my phone and deleting the app and downloading it again but it still crashes on the same spot. Fix it please. Muito bom!


Would be an excellent game if it just received a little polish... Especially in regards to the absolutely worthless audio... Also very good graphics but I even get low frames on my nexus 6p so beware. Pretty good


Good game, has some lag issues. This game has many features and great graphics for a mobile game, but it does have some problems with lag. I got rid of most of the lag by lowering the graphic settings. Other than the lag, this is a very good game. Works great

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