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The game freezes and stucks when the wheel spins.please can you fix it. No objection with graphics and controls Omg

I was giving this giving this game 5 star bcoz all game is great but I do not like reward spin feature the game get stop after reward spin and all progress is gone and we have to restart it so plz remove this bug otherwise I love this game Enjoy it!

Yess liked the game but want some more features and modes.. 8 out of 10 Works great

I like the game but the players name is not correct. It will be very good if you change the players names Well done!!

Great game, loved it, but batting controls is very simple... Could be tougher. Graphics could also be improved Worth a go!

The game is phenomenal. But there is a problem of less modes, like wheres Odi, T20, Test and many more types of modes. Enjoy it!

Its good but you should include some extra effects in this game like bowling full view of stadium weather conditions and much more Superb!

Good game Its a good game but i am not giving 1 star beacause in challenge they give more runs but as compare to runs the overs are very less Go well

It is a fantastic game but if there is bowling in this game means it will be nice Good

Nice game It is a good game but it only has batting only it also would have balling skills it has good graphics Not bad

The game is addictive, but crashes so frequently After spending hours to score 4000-5000 runs, when you want to see your rank, suddenly the game crashes. Whenever I try to log in through fb, the game crashes. The game is quite addictive.. but these crashes are major issues, which need to be addressed. Fabulous!

Very good but need balling skills This is only for batting in tournament and quick play. If you score many runs then you get some reward . l hope you like this because it is too good for batting also wow lol

Nice but advertisements should be little less.and record should be added and high score too love it

Many Bugs 1. Compilation error on random challenge mode. 2. Leaderboard not opening [Must be fixed at first asap]. 3. Updated name changed into original ID after quitting game. 4. Uploaded picture gone after quitting game. 5. News board not loading (showing loading...) Hope you guys fix these bugs in future. All the best!!! Worth it!

This is a very very very very very very very very good game you can call it as the king of cricket games everyone must download this game Muito bom!

Aa it's just ok Amazing but want some more like .... fielding stumping catching runouts etc Also want new version to be made more likely to play Flawless

Awsome game Best cricket game really addictive great game just one thing can be better is that if it can be like a real cricket game competition that will be awsome Cool

Embarrassing graphics and worst gameplay!!! The worst cricket game ever. No proper squad, low graphics and poor strokeplay r examples of some defects of this game!!! To explain in one word the game is an absolute nuisance!! Pretty good

Plz remove some bug #nazara_team In this updated version white ball not visible clearly plz make it red or pink.and its hanging some times.plz away this big. 5 star

Crack you all? Have you people gone crack and nuts or what? Who the hell in the world can score 240 runs in 10 overs and that too with the facility of only five wickets remaining? Your practice match is a crap, not even it can be dumped as junk.

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