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Persistant bug, multiple years: App cannot be updated unless it and the data are in internal memory. Too many problems apparently with the maps to be reliable. I liked the app rnough to psy for it years ago, but the maps are bad, and have not improved in the 5 years I've used it. Google offline maps on the same routes wotk better : -( . Highly Recommend.

Wonderful experience with this app Pretty good

Fantastic. Used it all the time in Florida and couldn't fault it. Thank you. And, it's FREE! No hidden roaming charges. Marvellous. Superb!

I REALLY love this Navigation app . One of the easiest to get used to and fast. I would love to buy some add-ons , but ...... I am having trouble accessing the MENU button on the bottom right hand corner . I am using the app on a car based Android head unit system, and the menu button is in the farthest possible lowest right hand corner that I cant access it . Problem is I cant control anything . Its too dark to see the map because its on night mode and I cant change it because I cant access the menu. Also cant download any maps or buy add ons , again because I cant access the menu button . Its SO close, but all I can do is pull up locations as a destination, but not the menu. Any work around for this , or help ? LOVE IT , but cant keep it and buy add-ons because of the menu button problem. Only 3 stars because of this. I would rate it 5 if I could use the menu button . Edit : Installed navmii world, and menu button is easily accessible . navmii world also seems a little easier to use. Flawless

Excellent app! Such accurate guiding. It is a must have if driving around the USA! Best thing is no need for internet connection. Only requires phone signal and location turned on! We would have been totally lost without it! Amazing!

The maps are way better than before with street/lot numbers, and the search box is a lot less picky about how you format the destination entry. Voice type selection is a little hard to find, but it is there. This program gives you AMPLE warning before turns and the maps are high quality. FREE with a few paid options. Been using for years and it constantly improves. Be sure to mount your tablet or phone high (like onto AC vent or windshield) so you do not lose satelites link which acts like a program crash. Not bad

Good except I can no longer activate the free voice packs (like "Ed"). Voice selection was taken out of Preferences menu. Stuck with a poor quality synthesized voice. Will not buy an upgraded voice pack if there is no way to select a voice. Muito bom!

Pioneer AV-H4700BS and Android 4.4.X I was looking for a NAV app that ran and still allowed my AM/FM radio to play int he background. AppRadioLive does not and was disappointed by it. If you are looking for a stand alone NAV to run, this is the best one i have found. In Canada, some of the roads are not named. That's the difference between Google maps and everyone else i guess. Probably also what keeps it for free! Pretty good

I recommend this app a lot with the caveat that "it's fidgety and you'll fight with it". I paid for extras and now I regret it. Obvious things are broken like: no pinch zoom (what app doesn't use pinch to zoom?! EDIT: FIXED) and "live POI search requires data connection" (when it's got Wi-Fi AND 4g signal!). No option to update all maps at once (got 50 state maps? You'll need 50 updates!) These issues make it hard to recommend. Also: the "world" version will allow you to download US maps and any maps they have anywhere. The USA map is North America only, but pretends to offer more in the store page and in-app menus...but really, it's just NA only. Worth a go!

Too many problems apparently with the maps to be reliable. On I-75 south, in Indiana Richmond exit, with exit 90 eastbound the next step of a route, it told me to stay left and exit left. The actual exit is from the right lane bearing right and flows into route 25. I like all aspects of the app, but the maps are bad. Unless you know the destination area well, the app isn't trustworthy for getting you there. Tried Google offline maps on the same leg with no problems at all. Returning home, the app inaccurately thought me off of the road it had directed me to take, I-865 north bypass of Indianapolis, on a secondary road and started suggesting ridiculous manuevers. Exiting I-290 Northwest of Chicago onto route 83 due to a 5 mile backup, the app told me to make a U turnnas soonnas possible and get back on. It did this for 3 miles before accepting that I wouldn't and rerouting me on uncongested secondary roads. If I were paranoid I might believe that the GPS sats were being jiggered by the US military fearing a reprisal from Russia for the recent airfield attack in Syria, but that doesn't explain everything I witnessed with the app within a 5 day period that started the previous Sunday. I hate to say it, but my once favorite app isn't any more. 5 star

Great I've relied on this app completely. While it does crash from time to time, overall a great experience for an app that is free and works offline Marvelous

Good for uninterrupted trips through areas not containing spaghetti bowl interchanges or oddies like reversible lanes. (I blame the open maps, not navmii). Not so good when changing to a new route or setting a waypoint without restarting the device; it lost it's voice and directed me to the wrong destination more than once. Needs a way to lock the screen so random touches can't accidentally screw up the chosen route. Needs an on screen highly visible indicator saying which way you are moving. Voice input would be nice for picking a different frequent destination, but not essential. Works great

Quirks. Lots of feature, mediocre routing Doesn't use optimum routing based on real world conditions, (traffic, construction) like selecting a geographically longer but timewise faster interstate bypass. In FASTEST ROUTE mode and Easiest mode tried to route me though downtown Chicago during morning rush hour instead of around it via I-294. Red label appears in lower left corner with nonsense phrase in it ?? Cool

Fun life changing workout Ilovekickboxing silverdale location has an amazing staff that helps you reach your goals! It really feels like my other family and my body is transforming in just the 4 weeks ive been a member. Ilkb!!! Worth a go!

Liking it again. I gave up on my previous handset, got a larger screen, and tried Navmii again. It's back on my must-have list. It's not the easiest thing to use, but it works well for me. I guess I'm a creature of habit. I went from swearing at it back to swearing by it. It would be wonderful to be able to upload my own POI list and category, but I make do alright. Great!

Good idea I really like this app. I have yet to really use it, but so far it looks pretty good. It has a Waze style reporting feature and I like the map style. Plus little features like telling you if there are tool roads makes it superior to Waze in some ways. I do like how keywords are generated for addresses. But the speedometer is much too expensive and there aren't enough users to report road problems. Enjoy it!

Cannot find address Tried many addresses but it cannot find them. I need to pin point on the map so it can navigate to nearby locations. The route navigation is accurate Go well

App lost details of small towns, secondary roads After adding 5 states, tried get to a home in Lostant, Illinois, a route driven before with this app. The town was shown as a dot. ONLY the interstates were shown outside major cities, no streets or highways to the town. (Had to remove 5 of 10 installed states to get the app working again and use Google offline maps to get back home cross country.) Voice prompts not early enough on US interstate expressways. Need to start 2 miles/2 minutes before a turn or fork. Unhappy paid user. :-( Well done!!

Excellent graphics, but I would like to put in more than 1 waypoint at a time to force the app to chose the route I want. Well done!!

Was great This used to be a great solution for when your trip takes you out of cell coverage or if you have a very limited data plan. However, without the Google search, it can't find any address I've tried. Good

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