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Google Team what has happened to your once great navigations it's like u drop your love in it how come Google what's wrong Brilliant

Could you add an ETA to the final destination AND the additional stops? It would be helpful. Well done!!

Please give many countries local language. Cause many times people can't recognised what it say. So give it different languages. As hindi. I hope we found direction in our local country language. Thank you Perfect

It was helping a lot to me to reach my new destination while am going to unknow places Awesome

Maps This app is great all by its self. Really want Google to STOP messing with the apps that work Worth it!

I used to think this was a very useful tool and shortcut. Over time, I noticed that this "app" is constantly restarting and burning up both system resources and battery. I frequently have to STOP this runaway app manually with a reboot. As this is a shortcut, not an app, there is NO reason for it to act like an active application. Something is WRONG. It is running background services it should not. I normally keep my location turned off, turning it on only when I need to use maps or GPS. No reason for this shortcut or maps to try to turn it on. Works perfectly

After updating can't open the app on the previous updation kindly fix the problem Recommend

Seems to work alright. None of the settings transferred over to the new phone, from maps though. Not something this app does & I didn't expect it to. Just update info. Glad nav is back Works perfectly

The last update broke the shortcut as it would not launch the app, however uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have resolved the issue. All working again! :-) Works perfectly

Great app for traveling. Only issue is the occasional lost signal and can be difficult to restart if you are by yourself Perfect!

Worked brilliantly for years of a range of phones but has recently stopped working on samsung S7 Recommend

How can I stop the voice recognition The voice recognition function seems to be activated at every little bump in the road. Perhaps even by the radio. There doesn't appear to be an easy way to stop it. It's made my enjoyment of this app less appealing. It disrupts my navigation and interupts driving instructions. Most annoying. Worth it!

Hi guys uninstall the navigation app and install this app again it's working perfectly now Highly Recommend.

Not able to open the app !! After last update it stopped working. Please fix this asap !! Giving 3 stars because it worked amazingly before... But recently its giving hard time.... Fantastic

Why 4+ MEGABYTES? It is only a short cut. I guess it is ad supported but its a damn shortcut! (Ads don't really worry me but they use battery. For a shortcut? I'll make one manually using an app launcher. Installed this cause I wanted the arrow icon.) You guys praising it for helping you drive: g maps helps you drive. This is just a handy but OVersized shortcut to maps navigation feature. Enjoy it!

It's easy to use and very reliable never let me down when I'm using it also give you three different routes easy root slow Roots longer route Must have

So what is the difference between the two "Navigation" Shortcut and "Navigator" Shortcut Apps? They look the same and the descriptions say fundamentally the same things. Why should I get one other the other? Great!

I just loved it I use this apps since laSt three years, I got very good directions by this app. When car Good

Hell yeah! It's about time, thank you for your Innovative thinking. Freaking thing works like a charm. Omg

Superb I love this app too much cause its too fast and easy to use really u loved it a lot friends please install it u will love it a lot Fantastic

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