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As a korean student, I am more weak hangul than english so it would be great if there were english options Go well

톡톡 메시지 창에서 메시지 박스를 누르고 있으면 메시지가 통째로 Copy되는 기능이 있으면 편할 것 같습니다. 지금은 글자를 긁어서 복사하는 기능만 됩니다. Enjoy it!

Yeah I got an Korean app. Now I have the nerve, to ask for it to offer an English option. Yup...That would be a me thing. What can I say? I like Naver Worth it!

It's very useful because this app have many tools. like Smart Lens, Search Engines, Tags, and etc. Not bad

네이버는 정말 멋진 앱이에요! 네이버에 5개의 별이 훌륭한 서비스를 제공합니다! 계속 해!♥♥♥♥♥ Go well

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나는이 응용 프로그램을 많이 사랑해. 당신이 이해하지 못하면 번역 할 수있어❤ Brilliant

It's so annoying, because I cant sign in/ log in easily! But please fix this, I really want to use this app. Pretty good

i love this app even though i just understand a little bit korean Perfect!

It's ok so far . But I have a problem with verifying the code that Naver had sent in my phone number. It says that the code and the IP isnt related. What to do? And can I change the language for easier use? Good

Why i can't use my username correctly? Can u guys help me? I'm indonesia fan. I don't how to make it :( Worth a go!

I love naver ❤️why people asking for English? Just learn Korean it's not that hard or just stick with Instagram Go well

This app is actually great. Through this app I can get to know updates about my k idols. It is just that there is no english translation. Yes, you can recommend us to learn korean language. But think of if you will have an english translation, I think it wouldn't just benefit us, international fans but also you, its programmer because your app will be known internationally knowing the fact that Kpop is growing internationally. Just my suggestion tho. But think of this as a benefit for the both developer and the user. Great job

Love it, it really helps me practice reading Korean since the whole thing is Korean and that's what I needed ^^ Fantastic

For y'all complaining . Here is a solution for your problems . First learn korean . Second enjoy. You are welcome ♡ Surprisingly

솔직히 우리나라에서 네이버 만큼 좋은 웹은 없는듯. 예전에는 좀 만족하지 못한 부분들도 있었는데 이젠 뭐 폰트며 여러 편리한 기능들이 없는거 찾기 힘들만큼 많이 추가 되서 개인적으로 대만족. Awesome

This is for Korean! And you don't need to sign up unless U want to use blog or some thing. Works great

Please let users change the language setting :( I'm pretending like I know what's going on but I can't make out a single word. Fabulous!

Could you please help me out with the language? How do i change the language settings? How am i supposed to understand what's going on! At least keep an option for languages Perfect!

원래 굉장히 편하게 쓰고 있었는데 이번에 업데이트 왜 이렇게 하셨는지 궁금하네요 블로그에서 같은 카테고리 다음 글로 넘어갈 수 있게 하는 거 왜 없애신거죠? 엄청 불편하네요 연속으로 빨리 봐야하는 것도 하나하나 다 들어가서 해야해서 불편합니다 수정해주셨으면 해요 Muito bom!

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