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So the English version of webtoon has less chapters compare to korean webtoon i do not understand the language but i got no choice but to spoil for my self i can't wait the English subtitles Just wow

If you don't like that the app isn't in English then I suggest that you download the English version of the app instead of complaining that you don't understand Korean (not Chinese). Both apps are very good and have great stories. The English app has some of these stories translated in other languages. The English one is called Line Webtoon. Go well

Its nice even if i cant understand it but i have also the english version app and i want to try this one.. Just wow

I love it, even though I don't understand . I really hope you guys don't complain if you know how to read it. love it

Why i cannot sign in? Im using indonesian number to verify my acc. But it says temporary error occurs. Pls solve this. 5 star

One thing.....if u r saying this is is it Chinese.can u not tell the different between Korean and Chinese symbols.. 中文(Chinese) 한극어 (korean) Works perfectly

One thing.. All the people saying that this is Chinese.. and requesting for an English Translation.. just want to remind you that you guys are Idiots -_- there's a separate Webtoons for English, check it out first ffs. Well done!!

Even if i cant understand all the time since im really intrested in the way koreans o things and their culture i downloaded an app to help me better understand i may not always get it but i love all the stories Brilliant

Just because you guys dont know korean doesnt mean you have to give 3 stars or less for it Great job

Why there's no english , I can't understand anything if you're gonna say use line webtoon it's awgful because there's a huge gab between it and the original source so please we need English Go well

I want to give 5 stars. But I'll decided to give 3 stars. the stories are so good other than the other app but there is no English translation. Please fix this for your customers who didn't understand Chinese. I dont want to uninstall this app coz this is so good but I have no other choice. I can't understand Chinese. We want English translation. I'm begging you. Hope you will see my comment. Thanks. Brilliant

Oh please!!! Cqn atleast have this app trnslated into English coz all of the stories that i follow in this app are updated. Works perfectly

웹툰플러스 예전에 구매했던 패션왕 다시보려는데 왜 자꾸 앱오류가 뜨는거죠? Fantastic

Its really good it has a lot of webtoons. I also just wish there was more English. Other than that 완전 좋아요! Not bad

Really addicitng and for the people thinking about giving a bad score because it doesn't have English go check out the English webtoon app before you g8ve a bad rating Not bad

It's a very amazing app ,I really love it, but pls add more languages like English, I mean the concepts are different , in this app you can watch some short movies about the comic and some of the comic can move Ps: i know there is the English webtoon Awesome

Line Webtoon is the English Version. This is Naver Webtoon, so you reviewers should download that instead. Anyways, this is an excellent app, especially if you want to learn Korean Reading Fast! I definitely love this, and I give it 5 Stars. Flawless

This is a great app and it has original comics without ads. Also it really helps me practice my korean. For those who give it a bad review for "not having English" This is a korean app. With korean content. In the korean language. Of course they wouldn't have English!!! So stop asking for the English translation and just go get the English version of Webtoons. Good

I really liked the app but i dont understand anything please could you all tranlate it in english please please..... Awesome

저희처럼 외국인들이 한국어공부위해 진짜 좋아요. Works perfectly

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