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Great app. Just, that it's hard to get a pass, especially if I compete with people who has a better connection. But I really enjoying this app. Just wow

Alright so @ those people who are complaining "Why do the songs only last for 1 minute?" That's because you need the naver pass. Also, y'all should stop complaining about how it needs a "language" option. This app is based on Korea, not worldwide. If you want to use this app so bad then go ahead and learn Korean. Perfect

I have the same gripes with the others. Why does it play musics only for one minute? And please. I need English at least to understand the app Perfect!

Can you tell why every music consist of only 1.minite. i dont understand .i cant listen the whole song? 5 star

This is a very good app but why all of the songs stop playing after 1 minute. I just be able to listen to the song for only 1 minute. Why? Flawless

Is every song only last for 1 minute? Beacuse every song I played only last for 1 min. Can I change it? How? wow lol

Since I love Kpop I think it's really percect for me because it's all about Kpop and K-Drams that I love Must have

Please add options to change the language to at least english for all those people willing to support this app but cannot read hangul. Thank you.❤❤ Fantastic

Hey plz add English to it its soo tough to Identify what its written Cool

hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahha i love naver music so much! Naver Music Team hahaha the paying system on this app is still useless because there's a hack application on this. Sorry for hacking and now I can stream all the songs full and high quality sounds Pretty good

hye, i'm from malaysia.. i don't understand hangul but i want this apps, but can i ask how to change language to english.. please help me, i hope you can fix it . Muito bom!

음악이 10초정도 간격으로 계속 멈춥니다••• 감질나네요••• Worth a go!

This is the greatest app , I've never have , I really love it ♥ , I can listen all Korean songs Fabulous!

its good the only thing i hate is that it plays music only for 1 minute?? i want the full song. Cool

This is the app I've been looking for all my life. Thank you for making it. My favourite feature is the fact you can edit the widgets of the app to let your background show through unlike with other music based apps I've found. Flawless

To those wondering about the song only plays for 1 min, its because you need to buy/get passes to fully enjoy the song. Dont complain about paying it because this is how the music sites in Korea works, you need to pay for everything. Dont wanna pay, dont download. Listening on Naver is a legal site and will help boost the artist's songs in the chart. Its kinda like ITunes? And of course its in Korean. Its a Korean app afterall. Conclusion: I really enjoyed the app and is 100% satisfied with it. Thanks for having Naver Music on Google Play Store ^^ Works perfectly

Pls we want translation in this app so international fans can enjoy all KPOP Music Highly Recommend.

Ok this app is great but how can I even change my language in here it's kinda troublesome becuz i don't know Hangul wow lol

Can't understand anything. Also can't make accounts and all the songs are limited to 1 minute. Must have

I hope I can login with another account like google or twitter and also I hope that I don't have to pay for the music Well done!!

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