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시스템 언어(안드로이드)가 영어라서 지도도 영어로 뜨는데 지도는 한국어로 사용하고 싶습니다. 설정에서 언어를 바꿀 수 있도록 해주세요.. Cool

I love that it's in English now and good for car navigation but the bus routes are bad. The app never knows when countryside busses will arrive and then a route it says will take one hour takes two because the bus never comes. Omg

Thank you for the English version Was a great help for me, last few weeks But yeah as a suggestion multilanguage might help you with satisfying current user base Great job

업데이트했더니 구글맵스러워져서 당황했네요... 전체적으로 깔끔해진 느낌이랑 심야버스 정보 나오는게 좋아요 Perfect

Worse than previous version: Feature to find bus stops nearby (and then check the routes of the available bus lines) is missing in New version. Busstop only show up at very high zoom (100 m map) so very difficult to find bus stops and routes maybe still in walking distance but further away than 100m or so. Please add a "bus in neighborhood" feature like in previous version Positive: Map language can be changed. On English phone map by standard in English but switch to korean is easy. Fantastic

Thank you for letting us use the Korean version. Please remember to always give us choice in the future. And please run your new ideas by some cultural anthropologists or the like before making all of your customers angry. Worth a go!

Navigation still needs improvement and in need of parking search option. Don't make it so hard to log in/save favorites, etc. I have phone identity issue that's impossible for Naver to confirm my identity. So ridiculous! Brilliant

Good update, can now search using hangul in the English language app. Big improvement, thanks! Omg

가로보기가 안되는거 빼고는 만족하나... 가로보기 안되는게 너무 치명적이다. Superb!

Wow! You have improved since my last review. I love how you made this user friendly for foreigners. I stopped using other Korean map app and giving you a chance. Navigation still needs improvement and in need of parking search option. Thank you for your hard work! Must have

5.0.6 update finally gives the option to change the language back to KR. Great! Thanks for listening to us. Superb!

제발 앱 언어를 사용자가 설정할 수 있게 해주세요. 업데이트: 언어 설정 추가해주셔서 별 5개 쏩니다. Recommend

예전 버전은 메인 페이지에서 바로 길을 찾는 것이 훨씬 났다. 이젠 기를 칮기 위해 다른 버튼 눌러야 되니까 햇갈리다. Superb!

Need option to manually choose language, not automatically set by phone's language. Brilliant

I personally like the idea of the update, however the lack any language selection is an error. Recommend

업무상 써야하는 어플때문에 폰 언어설정을 영어로 쓰고있는데 .. 그간 한글지명으로 잘 나오던 지도앱이 갑자기 시스템언어 그대로 따라가네요.. 언어선택옵션이 필요합니다 ㅠㅠ Cool

잘사용하고있었는데 업데이트 이후 휴대폰 기본언어로 고정이 되어버리네요. 지명이 영어로 나오니까 이름이 너무 길고 복잡합니다. 언어설정 가능하게 해주새요. Well done!!

My app switched to English automatically and it is very inconvenient to use now. I think it would be better to let users choose language preferences. I am confident in Korean enough to use the app in Korean. Worth it!

앱 잘 쓰고 있습니다. 그런데 5.0 업데이트 이후에 휴대폰 시스템 설정은 영어로 쓰고 있고 지도 어플은 한글로 쓰고싶은데 방법이 있는지 궁금합니다. Worth a go!

Thank you Naver you made driving and life easier in korea. Keep developin and keep growing. There is scope to many features ... Surprisingly

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