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Best one of all of them for customization. I wish there was one with all of the sounds, and we could adjust volume and grouping to make our own preferences and save them. Flawless

I love that you can add in extra sounds of animals, etc. Very realistic and relaxing. Just wow

Nice to be able to customize, your own relaxing sound. Love it for meditation, relaxation, and bed. Go well

I have tried other apps and I returned to this one. Friendly to use not just for me but my kids too! Just wow

LOVE this app. Has different noises you can add to different background sounds and individual adjustable volumes for each sound. Its perfect =) Not bad

Really like this App! Easy to use. Half volume on my phone and a fan on low knocks me out. Perfect!

I love wild n it gives me the same feeling but options of clubbing different sounds are less so one star less.... Great job

So relaxing... Just a suggestion, if the developers can add more sounds it'll be great Superb!

First time with this app and you can feel there by the water, Forrest,or the waterfall it's just amazing. Go well

This is a great app to use for my morning movement and evening release. The timer also helps me say in the moment to stay focused on my energizing or calming breath. It also serves well as a random peace moment. Muito bom!

It's really relaxing! And I highly recommend this app to anyone who has trouble sleeping! absolutely loved it over all! Perfect

One star less cause, I can add only three side sounds to the original one. Other than that it's lovely. Superb!

Just according to liking if you add piano and flute in the sound of fire. Awesome app. Surprisingly

The sounds are real it helps me sleep during the day it blocks outside noises I work nightshift so I use it daily Go well

It's truly relaxing.. I recommend it with phone earphones and in couple of minutes you get relaxed and then sleep. For those ones who like nature like me Worth a go!

I love using it as white noise in the city, as an "ease into the morning" tool, as well as for a meditative tool. The various sounds offer a nice selection. Highly Recommend.

I loooove this app! Especially the fact it has a timer & you can add different features as you listen. Need this for sleep! Namaste. Muito bom!

Very relaxing but the best part is it allows you to combine other nature sounds to get the perfect sound Cool

Beautiful, relaxing and stress free beginning of the day with this app. Even now sick and in bed listening to it while reading a book. Thumbs up Surprisingly

So wonderfully relaxing! I struggle to shut my brain off sometimes, and man does this help. Really like too how you can pick and choose extra sounds and music types (like wolf howls, crickets, birds, fire, piano, guitar, wind chimes, etc) to add to the different nature settings (with individually adjustable volume settings for each sound!), which really lets you tailor it to just the right mix for what you need. Absolutely recommend this app! Worth a go!

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