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Sad to say: no musical composition... it is just a a band of forest animal. Like a synthetic medicine. But wow! I feel like living in an old environment... congrats... Fantastic

I tried some different sites for the sounds,yet to discover this app has all of them with a natural sense and a fantastic quality.thank you Awesome

Gorgeous sounds! But the timer is weird. I wanted to set it for 15 minutes and it assumed I wanted it set for 15 hours!! Can you fix that? Go well

i use this app to fall asleep after i take a $#!+load of edies. sometimes i have too much edies and i havta makie a duke.....a duke on the ground. lessdoit. plopity plop $lu+$. Flawless

Wide choice of ambient sounds, use this app to help me relax and cope with leg pain when having difficulty getting to sleep. Marvelous

Totally cutomizable natural sounds and control background music if you want it. Simple usage. Perfect. Perfect

Okay except it hijacks default phone navigation to show ads (you cannot use the back button to exit) Not bad

An excellent App tor meditation. A natural flora and fauna can be broughtin to one's own room. One can adjust the time duration and can adjust volumes as required. With closed eyes one can feel as if in areal natural surrounding. Really it serves the purpose as one expected. Thank you Developers. Marvelous

Best ambience app I've tried so far. 've been recommending to fams. Good job dev! Amazing!

This app. is great for the mind ,body and spirit. I love the choices that you can make while you are doing verifies exercise. Superb!

it was amazing.I love it. good colletion. so easy to use. thank you dream studio. I give it 5 star.I wish it has update very soon Enjoy it!

It's really an amazing apk. I had never thought that i will be able to listen so beautiful ambient sounds that only nature can produce just by using a simple app. Thank you developers! Surprisingly

Good quality sounds. Flexibilty to add sounds to main sound to cover personal preferences. I like it. Perfect

I've tried several nature and sleeping sound apps. This one is my favorite! It has one sound that sounds the most natural to me. It's also a very soft sound with no crickets, frogs, bugs, etc. Thank you! Amazing!

Fantastic app. Great for helping to relax during the day when I'm working or when trying to wind down at the end of the day. Perfect!

Loving this app. It makes perfect ambience for those who enjoy the sounds of nature, with extra tones and sounds to layer over. Highly recommended <3 Pretty good

Great app. Nice interface. Plenty of nature sounds which can be mixed with imstrumental music & HD photos. A winner. Flawless

I believe this app hit the nail on the head on just about every varying thing out there from all kinds of water sounds, mountains, water scenes, ponds, etc, to whales, fireplace, night scenes, even city sounds LOL. I like the way you can set the varying sounds in each of the 23 different scenes. You can turn it on and off in each scene whichever you like to include the level of volume in each of the sounds. I love this app. Additionally, the ads aren't really annoying, but it's okay for this free app. Must have

The updated version of this app has more pairing sounds to choose from, which is a great improvment of the app. It makes the nature sound much better. I use it a lot more now! Awesome

Nice selection of differents sounds to suit the time of day and moods depending on when you use it and how you feel. Superb!

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