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Like the app...unfortunately it is not downloadable...always using up my internet time. Brilliant

I've downloaded a lot of free meditation apps, and uninstalled them pretty quickly. This has a large selection of sounds, music and guided meditations included in the free version -- enough that I plan on purchasing the app. I love it! Marvelous

Took so long to download i was asleep in minutes .. Great!

I really love this multi purpose meditation app. With so many short meditations and relaxing sounds and music to choose from. This is now my favourite app. Thanks Audio joy. Brilliant

I think this app is very good for relaxing and meditation. It helps me practice my mindful meditation, it helps me find my peace. Perfect!

I like creating the sound combinations that fit the mood I'm in and I like that they play for as long as you desire. Must have

I love it. I've been using this app for a year now. I have zero problems with it. It's very relaxing and mellow. Sometimes I use it when at night when my brain won't stop. I recommend it. Marvelous

I all ready use music therapy. This is a useful tool for me as it can e playing in the background of my phone, and I can still use my phone for other things. Brilliant

Lots of content for relaxation. Purchase was worth it! I love variety and this app had tons of it. Amazing!

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