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5 stars! You guys deserve it! Hello! I just want to say that i love this app! No joke. Ive tried the other relaxing sound apps and this is, by far, the best ive ever used. But i would still like to have more more sounds to add, like a fire burning in at night or the sound of rain from inside a house. Hope you can make it happen. Thanks! Muito bom!

Great App Very well made and really helps me sleep at night. It is awesome how you are able to customize the sounds and the levels you want each sound at. Great job

Sounds are very peaceful and real I love the snow storm. I grew up in it back in Minnesota and north dakota so for me it helps me sleep and stay asleep!! Plus it really sounds like a snow storm with the wind blowing just a good app!!! Worth it!

Awesome A great bargain for insomniacs.. Wish had this tuning in real life! Love the personalization effects.. Looking forward for more. wow lol

Freedom Not only does this app have many peaceful sounds to choose from, but within each one it gives you the freedom to edit and add sound effects for free. All other apps charge for this option. Good work guys :) and thank you!! Go well

Makes me go to sleep right away LOVE IT it's the app ever it will really make you go to sleep perfect GET IT NOW!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡ Perfect

Perfect for newborn! Love, love, love this app! You can run it on a timer or indefinitely. You can access other apps while this one is running. You can adjust the different sounds to your liking (ex. more thunder, quieter rain, more birds chirping, etc.) My lo needs noise all the time, and out of 6 apps tried, this is now the only one I use! Thanks so much for this awesome quality app! 5 star

Great app Good interface. I love that I can adjust and add individual noises like crickets and footsteps independently. The variety and quality is good. After Google shut down songza and replaced the ambient sounds channels with their own garbage I've only used this. Puts my kids to sleep in no time. The interface is perfect as is. Cool

Great sleep! I've struggled to fall asleep quickly for most of my life, but if I have this playing and just focus in the sound I'm usually able to fall asleep in less than fifteen minutes. I'm quite pleased with it. Must have

Truly lovely app! I became addicted to sleep sounds but didn't have an app myself. This is the first one I saw and after reading the positive reviews I gave it a go. I couldn't be happier. Very pleasant selection of sounds and very easy to use: From a volume option controlling the individual sounds within each "track" to a timer to close the application after you've fallen asleep. Perfect app! Awesome

Well done! Well done. If you want the ability to create a realistic natural environment for meditation or relaxing. This is the app for you. Only negatove comment is that the rain on the tree environment isnt as good as i have heard in other similar apps. Works perfectly

LOVE IT!!!!! Great sounds you can add other sounds to. Best part is I can use it while using other apps. Also has a timer. Great app!!!!! You'll love it too!!!!! Surprisingly

Wonderful Great app, really nice. Appreciate that it's free. I would like to donate money some way Amazing!

Great functionality The app is well designed and offers lots of customization. Definitely pick this one up to help you sleep. Works great

Great app Love the options and variation, being able to adjust the different elements of the scene is a great feature. Definitely recommend. Good

Beautiful! So relaxing and you can let your phone go to sleep as you do! Listening to it right now being mellow. I love it! Recommend

Knocks Me Right Out Without it, it takes me forever to get to sleep. Now, I go right away. Thanks guys. Omg

Great mix of sounds! Best nature sounds app! A good number of different sounds and really like how you can add elements to each. The new Cave of Bliss is my new favorite. Keep up the good work!! Great!

Realaxing Beautiful and peaceful. This is perfect for creating ambient noise at night to block city sounds. Very easy to use and customize. Not bad

Beautiful Elegant attractive easy to use and brilliant sounds too great with headphones and bt speaker 10/10 Highly Recommend.

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