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Great app, backed by reliable science for measuring and understanding your fertility. You can use it whether you are trying to conceive or prevent a pregnancy. It's natural and therefore there are no side effects. All you have to do is remember to take your temperature as soon as you wake up each morning. The instructions are very clear. It does make allowances if, on you occasionally have less sleep or are sick and therefore your temperature will not be valid. As long as you have valid measurements on most days, the algorithm will work. I find it more accurate and easier to use than the free app I had before and the thermometer that comes with the yearly plan is also good. Pretty good

Perfect app to help you to track your cycle and avoid pregnancy naturally. Yes I could track everything here myself but this makes it all so much easier. I was on the pill for nearly 20 years with breaks only when I was getting pregnant. I now understand my body a lot better and feel impowered and in control.......... I've now been using the app for a whole year and I still love it, the amount I've learned about my body in the last year is amazing. I am very in tune with what is happening throughout the stages of each cycle. I feel better than I did on the pill, even with the ups and downs of a natural cycle i now experience. Marvelous

Absolutely love natural cycles! I've had so many problems taking the pill and having the implant that I was very ill for months. After discovering natural cycles I'll never look back! I'm learning so much about my body while having the freedom to not use condoms (on green days). It's incredible. Awesome

So much more than just an app! Most contraception isn't suitable for me either for health or faith reasons and Natural Cycles has been perfect. I've been using it for over 6 months and find it easy to use and hassle-free. I would highly recommend to anyone who has fairly regular cycles. I imagine it might be more challenging and result in more 'red' days if your cycle is very irregular though. Go well

I've been using the app for 8 months now to prevent pregnancy, and so far so good. I'm 35 and up to recently have relied on the pill, but I was desperate to stop using it and come off hormonal contraception. I now feel completely in harmony with my monthly cycle and feel able to trust the app to calculate my "red" days. Awesome

I track to know my body, and to keep an eye on changes, AND to avoid pregnancy. With issues with birth control and Polycystic ovary syndrome, both are necessary. I LOVE this app! It is SO precise and gives me the information I need with no push for anything else. It is a great app for what tool it provides. I'm a quality over quantity person though... If you'd rather find an app that half performs a lot more tracking, by all you.. But this is a GREAT app for cycle tracking! I love it! Worth a go!

When i found out about Natural Cycles i was so excitited that a form of natural contraception had been developed. Although it uses similar methods to tracking your cycle on your own it gives you piece of mind knowing that everythings all in one place and it tells you exactly what you need to know and it has been scientifically tested!! After being on hormonal contraception for 8 years my body regulated very quickly (this is rare) and natural cylcles has made getting to know my body so much easier. I dont reccomend for women that are not in a steady routine. As consistancy is the key for this contraception to work properly. Love It. Perfect for me Enjoy it!

I really appreciate this app. I had a surprise pregnancy and gave birth last year. I don't like birth control and dislike condoms so this app makes it easy to understand my cycle on a scientific level. I actually understand my body better than ever before now. 100% worth every penny. Perfect

I have been using natural cycles to prevent pregnancy for 8 months now. I love how interactive it is on terms of keeping your partner in the loop too. He even shove the thermometer in my mouth of I'm not listing to my alarm. Team work all the way and I look forward to using it to plan pregnancy someday. Omg

It's fantastic to learn more about my body and understand what's going on when. However I will flag that it is not easy as you think to keep measuring your temperature every day. You meed to be dedicated. I think having a connected thermometer that syncs with the app would help this. The technology exists, and it would make early morning temperature taking much easier! I'm at the beginning of my third cycle and I'm still sticking with it, and overall I am happy! Flawless

Accurate at predicting my cycle after 6 month usage. I would rate 5 stars but while on vacation over Christmas in Cuba I was unable to access my account without the use of data which I could not use without a significant charge to my phone bill. I contacted the company and received a quick response that my Wi-Fi at the hotel was not fast enough to support the app. I checked the internet speed not only on my phone but also a desktop at the hotel (I also tried to access my account on the desktop and it still didn't work) and was dissapointed to find that the speed was more than sufficient but still no access. It's a pretty big deal to have reliable birth control while away on a romantic vacation with your partner. Recommend

This has changed my life. I had tried every type of birth control and all of them messed up my body. I was nervous to try Natural Cycles and go completely off hormonal birth control because it just seemed too easy to be able to accurately predict my cycles. I'm so glad I did. It is so accurate in predicting my ovulation and periods. The customer support is amazing as well. My original thermometer wasn't working quite right and the app told me before I even noticed myself. The customer support was amazing when I emailed them and they sent me a new one right away. Worth it!

I've been using Natural Cycles for 10 months and have found it to be a revelation in both period tracking and contraception. I wish we'd had this tech sooner, it's not only helped me know myself and my body better but supported safe, drug free family planning. It does require user input - you gots to take your temperature - but once in a routine its easy and quick. Based on my experience I can't recommend this highly enough. I find the data generated very interesting and helpful and look forward to new developments with this app. Well done!!

Great app with great support team. I didn't realize that there's something wrong with my thermometer, but the app caught it and in a week they delivered me a new one, without any extra payment. The app is easy to use and provides solid info about what's going on in my body. Omg

I have been using this app for 2 months and love it! I like this app uses my temperature to figure out where I am in my cycle. The measuring daily just becomes part of your normal routine. I wish the thermometer had a way to light up so I wouldn't have to use my phone to see my temperature. Well done!!

It seems fairly easy to use, the main downside is you get a free thermometer with the yearly subscription but if you live in Australia it takes over a month to arrive. I subscribed in November and almost a month and a half later I still haven't been able to enter temperature's making the first 2 months of my subscription useless. I assume it will take at least a month for the app to get used to my cycle so that's a quarter of the subscription gone. You should have the option to buy the subscription but not have it activated till your thermometer arrives wow lol

I am still in the early testing phase of Natural Cycle and getting to know my body after 2 pregnancies. I feel good to understand my body and be in control. In the past I was having heavy pancreas inflamation that was supposivly caused by contraceptives. However neither my ginecologist back then nor my treating me doctors at the hospital could give me definite answer what wad the cause to my pancreatic inflammation. After that I had to stop taking contraceptives for 6 month and after this period I never went back. NC provides great option for me if I can avoind hormonal contraception and it's sides effect. Worth it!

An empowering tool for women. Years of hormones were making me sick so I decided to cut these out and give Natural Cycles a try. Being able to understand my body and it's natural rhythm is quite appeasing. Perfect

When the doctor told me I had to get off birth control pills for health reasons, I considered a lot of other options but I'm so glad I landed on this one. Not only has it been great as a contraceptive for the last 6 months but also makes me feel way more in tune with my body. I love working with my cycle rather than against it. I tell all my close friends about it and they're always interested because there's such a lack of proper education about this in the US. Highly recommend! Perfect!

Completely fascinating to learn so much about something my body has been doing for years. It's not the most fun remembering to take my temperature every day, but its been so worth ot to get off all hormormonal contraceptives. So far so good let's hope I remain unpregnant! 5 star

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