OK so in latest update some of basic issues solved I got to say nice move bandai your are in right direction keep it on don't waste your cool game for money!!!! You make good games so support them and more importantly support players and respect them as well Money is not every thing wow lol

Ok one make easyer to unlock cards to get free moves n to asking takes to long also overall great freaking game Just wow

The best game I have ever played so cool and I don't care what you think about it Great!

Best naruto games for mobile..But thats more great if u guys can make 5v5 games version shinobi or something like that...i imagine that i have naruto in mobile legend...hahahaha Awesome

Good game but can you up the rates on summons us free to play people cant get good cards even though we work hard Enjoy it!

If u a Naruto fan this game is a must play!!! I been on it for hours none stop Great job

This game is good it has good graphic I just want to say thank you for making this game Flawless

Everytime i play the attack mossion. It always says error in connection! Youre wasting my time!!!! I am very active player. Fix your stupid problem! Great!

I hope they make some changes on entering in the sam... (first) I hope you can make a seperate room just for free for public and just for private group .... (second) I hope that if someone already enter in the match.... I hope that you can remove the leave button of the leader of the match... So that the leader will not have Lready the power to leave and restart the match and also please remove the authority of the leader of the match to remove the member in the match .... (3rd) I hope you can make a free summon everyday and free 1 shinibite on the first game you start in a day. .... (4th) In the battle dance I hope you can add more battle difficulty.... I hope you can add another level that can be cost of 12 life to play Since its only up to 9life So that the battle dance will not became boring to grind ... I hope you can make it a random terrain so that it will not be boring to play repeatedly ... (5th) And if possible you can make a random terrain to fight in special mission so that the players will not be boring in the playing for grinding ... (6th) I hope also you can increase the capabilities of AI to unleash the ultimate of the charater in attack mission so that it will became more difficult .... (7th) And if possible you can add a pvp match where the only shinobi can fight with others shinobi in a dome or any terrain .... Thats only well btw Thank you for creating this game I really appreciated it eventhough I write long comment... Keep up the good work Go well

I was first p.oed because I pre-registered for the game and the darn thing would not work. After 2 months I redownload the game and it works. Yay! Sucks I missed the sarada event tho. Kinda have some trouble with force closing after every mission. How can I fix this? Worth it!

Game is awesome, but DEFINITELY and cannot emphasize on this enough...Needs Work. There needs to be penalties for trolls, quitters and or game resetters. It's ruining the game and experience. My example? Try connecting to an Advanced Surprise attack mission. Will probably take you 30 mins to an hour to even find a real, seeking open lobby. Furthermore...The Hit detection also needs work and the matchmaking as well. Overall tho...Game is AMAZING. Only gets frustrating when you start to take the game seriously. Which most loyal and daily players do. Great job

Limit the amount of trap you can put in the fortress in each zone. Way too many boring fortresses just filled with traps atm. Well done!!

I love this game but wanna suggest u that u must add the Google play sign in as I don't want my progress to be lost. .... It I lost all my data coz I got my phone broken and now when it's repaired I can't recover Go well

I haven't played this game but today i have been playing this game non-stop. Its very fun with challenging levels. Its a vey addicting to play. If your a Naruto fan you would understand or even if your not. Overall 5 stars⭐ Pretty good

I cant go to missions it always says "Due to an Unknown Error the game will return to the title screen." why? it happens last night. please fix this. I alr did everything such as reinstall and restarted my device. and im in a good signal condition but still. Awesome

➡Kindly improve these things in the game as a request. ✔Dont keep space between chat ✔Increase the number of letters in the name ✔add a option which will allow to add friends ✔Add more characters like Madara uchiha,Obito ,Izuna,Hashirama Senju,Tobirama Not bad

I was rewatching the anime a few days ago, and i felt like a little kid again. Playing this game makes me feel like i am actually part of the team. I would recomend to dowload the game as it is very adicting and very fun. Awesome game! Brilliant

Love the anime and the game just completes it ;) EDITED to 3 star - A communication error has occurred. Please try again in an area with a good connection. I am on wifi everything works but the game ??can i get some help ? Not bad

I'm having a problem both on using data and wifi. I cant pass the login or the title page due to the connection thing that pops up even if I have a strong wifi signal and data. Please resolve this Pretty good

Great game, easy to get the hang of. Only complaint is getting summon cards to level up is a pain. To much work with not enough pay off. Enjoy it!

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