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Great app of great Human being! This app provides all the information about PM of India. This is the sign of good leadership. After many years India got good governance. No bugs found while using. I insist every Indian smartphones must have this application. Negative reviewers are not interested in Developing of the country I think so! Marvelous

To keep environmental society, I like to do social work. My thoughts about environment because this will be a priority issue for future world. Just wow

Why write to PM tab redirect to the web page, it should be from app too. Or provide direct email address facility. Thanks. Pretty good

Historical. Asadharan.Unbelievable.Great. Hats off.Regards. Input Box for Suggestions from Bharat basi about Bharat may be more simplified to submit. Lots of thanks and best regards to the Greatest ever Prime minister Modi Ji. Worth it!

Best to attach whom you admired as real responsible and accountable leader to nation. wow lol

I'm no bhakt but this is a template for all forward thinking leaders of free world Awesome

His very good aap for join to pmo India narendra modi so I am proud of Indian so this aap is very good thank you very much wow lol

Best app to connect with our and India's Prime Minister.. Submit suggestions to him and may get notified. Perfect

Mujhe bahut priy app hai jai hind, jai bharat, vandematram, jai Shree ram, namo namo BJp only Cool

our real hero Narendar modi sir.. we r proud to have u as a pm of our country... u r just incredible... i have no words for u.. u r just awesome... Highly Recommend.

Point system related to the content of this app is not working. I mean in earning of badges. Great!

I am a firm supporter of modiji and hail modiji. India is blessed to have such an prime minister. Just wow

Amazing app to interact with PM and to stay updated..this is one of my fav app..every Indian should have it on their smartphones..really gr8.. Recommend

उज्वल भारताचे स्वप्न साकार करण्यासाठी सतत प्रयत्नशिल असणार एकमेव नशिबाने मिळालेला पंतप्रधान श्री नरेंद्र मोदीजी,,,,,,, Well done!!

By using this,one comes to know,how the Karamyogi P.M.& his entire team working for the devlopment of Great Nation. Enjoy it!

सबसे सरल तरीका हे अपने मन की बात को प्रधान-मंत्री जी से कहने का लेकिन सोसल मीडिया और जमीनी हकीकत मे अंतर होता हे Fantastic

Brilliant app to connect with the PM and to know the various schemes of govt. and transforming india Awesome

IIT is app for people to coll. Our Pm I feel a helpful one. Pmsir.our railway facility is one of theWorst one in assam in train like intensity express from lido to rongia where general compartment Is uncomfortable for child.and old people kindly take.Acton in.this matter . thanks. Recommend

NAMO App Nicely built and It's Very Informative....I am Very Proud to Support our PM Modi ji Omg

World's super gov and poor peopel any way help full gov ,my gov and my people gov ,i lov this gov , Pretty good

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