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I dint knw diz app.. because of stupid F. Ramya and Congress robbers. Looters. I downloaded Love you NAMO. NAMO. NAMO NAMO NAMO. NAMO. NAMO JAI SRI RAM wow lol

The most useful app for India of our great prime minister of India Narendra Modi... thanks to CONGRESS for reminding to download and rate the app....I shouldn't hate them, they are so nice 5 star

Thank you Pappu Pidi you compelled me to download this app. I thought this app is not very useful but when I saw your propaganda now find it very impressive and informative. Not bad

Congressi should learn manners to respect the 1.25 Billion people's choice. Wish I could give 10 times 5 star rating. Anything for my PM ❤ Fantastic

कई जानकारी जो भारतीय मुख्य समाचारपत्र और तथा कहिथ मिडिया बताता नहीं है वो जानकारी यहाँ से मिल जाती है, भारतीय मीडिया एकपक्षीय रिपोर्टिंग और विचारधारा को छद्म सेक्युलरिज़्म विध्वसनकारी कम्युनिस्ट अलगावादी को भारतीय जनमानस थोपता है Great job

V v good very nice aap. पप्पू डर गया के ?. Namo namo . Jab tak surja chand rahe modi aapka name rahe Worth a go!

माना की शेर Marvelous

Installing this app after Rahul Gandhi said this app steals data lol. Pappu can go back to Italy. We support our best PM ever! Modi Modi Modi! love it

First of it's kind app. Superb app with information, rated it 5. Not like stupid fake information circulated by other indian politicians app. Works perfectly

India loves Narendra Modi.. He is the only hope India has against Nehru Gandhi Dynasty who hv mercilessly looted India for past 70 yrs..!! Must have

Love the fact that a PM wants to create a platform for any citizen to connect. And wouldn't have normally commented but when I saw the petty small minded B grade actor & pidi comment on the app ... Felt compelled to comment Works great

Thanks to pidi @divyaspandana and pappu for encouraging us to connect with directly to our beloved leader Narendra Modi.. You will never win. This is our india. Italian go back. 2019 is our with biggest majority ever in world's electoral politics and election. Jay hind Awesome

#deleteNAmoapp is trending on Twitter right now I should thank Congress to tell us that there is Narendra modi application.. I just downloaded thank your Shri Narendra modi ji we love you and we are with you :) Surprisingly

Sir , CONGRESS is trying to create FAKE propaganda against this app on Twitter...they are saying namo app takes user data n use it's for election please look into this matter seriously Great!

Thanks to Congress propaganda leader/actor/pidi Divya spandana. I used to be spectical about downloading this I'll use it know good stuff about BJP and share it with friends &family. Enjoy it!

Thanks to @divyaspandana for making propaganda by asking peoples to delete namo app. Your tweet encouraged us to connect directly with our beloved pm modi Must have

Was not aware of this app.. after reading news regarding pidi tweet.. installed the app.. proud to say I am a Modi fan. Pretty good

Rated 5 star. Was unaware of this app. Thanks to Congress. The more you throw dirt on Lotus, the more it grows. Just wow

I downloaded newshunt app just to read ur speeches... And I can't read in Devanagari as I'm a south Indian.... Please make us to read ur speech in English also... So that I'll delete all news apps Superb!

needs more interactive features and a little quicker interface...but over all no complaints as such...Modi and his efforts are great...India will win... Fantastic

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