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Best PM we have ever got. U r the man who perfectly know how to use social media and connect to mass easily. U r so much inspiration to youngsters like me. We have got many many many hope's from your governance..... and we believe India will come out flying colours under your rule...... Jai Hind Amazing!

NaMo is the best... Narendra Modi is the best thing that ever happened to this country. Once again a superb i initiative that brings governance right up to your mobile phone. Superb app. Great job guys. Fantastic

Great app This is one another great initiative taken by our respected PM Shri Narendra Modi ji. Good platform to associate self to feel connected with the growth path of the country. No doubt just a small initiative that can deliver beyond the expectations and of course this will give confidence to comman man in democracy. Good luck all Surprisingly

Great work.. Very proud to tell him as our prime minister.. Hope my first vote is a best one.. I think this app helps us get to know more about India n situations of our nation.. Impressed...☺☺ Recommend

Review of the app, not the PM ! Surprisingly large no. Of features.. Navigation is well thought off. But UI feels unresponsive at times due to judicious use of web views.. And button text is too small to read (share buton?). All in all a good effort. Great!

OMG Never seen a PM so enthusiastic about the technology. But not all PM were smart enough to understand the power of Internet. Hope this initiative can give the boost Modiji needs for successfully giving the world a look at Modiji's plan for the country. And a much needed way to see Modiji's updates. love it

Awesome app.. In term of app development, awesome work have been done..very nice n easy to use...good animation with awesome term of governance, great step forward by our loved PM..easy way to interact with ppl's representative... Well done

Excellent initiative He's initiating everything in such a way where no other PM couldn't even think of it .. Pretty good

Hope my message reaches Namoji Do something for cows...its only banned in Maharashtra..what about other states..its been transported their spcly in South... Inflation is still so high....We had high hopes on you but now I feel all is gng vain...plz reduce petrol price...everything is interconnected to Petrol...educational fees r so will literacy rate many things to speak on...what all should I say..everything is crystal clear..I agree ur 100 times betta then Congress but still We citizens have high very high hop Highly Recommend.

Fantastic app!!! Most innovative way to communicate. As far the application goes its very informative. You even get to address your concerns to the PM directly. Very well thought and colourful pages with optimal use of Google's so called Material design. Cool

Amazing Best PM ever.... he always prefer modern cutting edge technology :) Works perfectly

good intiative Hello Modi g I am also a android developer.let me know if i can be part of any of your scheme. Well done!!

Indian should feel proud for it He is a great person and great personality..I salute ..for his thinking and for great contribution to make India better... wow lol

India is Secured in your hands Sir Every Indian feels Secule under the leadership of our PM.We are fornunate to have a PM working tirelessly for our country.We Love U All Sir! Jai Ho Perfect!

New Era of opportunity Our PM bring new era of opportunity & imagination in India. His politics all about development & betterment of nation. Congratulations India, we have patriotic PM. Works great

Quite an initiative! Also the UI seems to be spot on like other top mobile apps. Quite unexpected coming from the government product , but a great change nonetheless :-) Great job

Give some space our farmers Dear sir, app is very good but there no space given to our farmers in this app. It's my suggestions sir pls ad agriculture category in this app.this my humble request to our dear PM. Marvelous

With right PM, nation will lead in right direction This is the first time India gets a right PM who'll lead it to its deserving place in the world Flawless

Indeed india is on its path to progress! First ever PM in india to reach out the mass via a platform of peoples choice :) keep up the good work..! :D #acchedinaagaye Superb!

We are honored. You are the leader India was waiting for. After Netaji Subhas Bose, You are the only one who has been able to show a positive direction to the 120crore+ population. Your speeches we look forward to. Your ideas we love to exercise. Your excellent governance we would honoured to be a part of. Its an absolute honour to have you as our Leader. Thank You Sir. Go well

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