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NaMo is my inspiration. He is the right and the only leader to lead India to progress. All the PiDis suck it up. Your urge to delete NaMo app is a huge success in favour to NaMo. Keep doing the good work. Soon we will have Cingress mukt bharat. Jai hind Perfect!

Rahulgandhi aur congress party ne muhim chalai he ki public ke mobile se ye app delete karwaya jaye....bas isilie me ise download kar raha hu...i am with a real hero... i am with u modiji Works perfectly

Namo The Saviour.Downloaded Just to irk Pappu.I Trust Namo Govt.My data is secured and safe here. Entire trust to Modi ji the only man working 24/7 or the nation.JAI HIND Go well


The thugs at @INCIndia wanted people of India to delete this App. In your face, pidis of Pappu Rahul Gandhi. Cool

Liar ZDNet, and PIDI gandhi again tweeting fake news. Any one can opt out not to share personal data. However it doesn't matter for me. Well done!!

This comment is for Lady pappu Divya spandana aka Ramya. Congress will never ever come to power again. Italian mother and her mentally retarded son can go back to Italy n sell Italian pizzas. You Ramya keep licking the boots of your boss Pappu. We love Narendra modiji. We will vote him with 300+ seats in 2019. Deal with it. Keep burning. #Loserladypappu Recommend

This app never asked for permission for any personal data, we can use it as a guest too. Congress have started a fake trend against this app It is a #5starApp, I am using it since one year. Works great

Very good initiative by PM Modi! A tight slap to Congress pidis specially "C" grade actress Ramya, Spandana whatever the hell her name is!-I'm installing this app and gibinh 5 stars!! Awesome

Thanks Congis for educating everyone about the need for this app. Your every initiative to bring down NaMo is backfiring on you like how putting fire on Hanuman jis tail did to Ravana's Lanka. Pretty good

I just download this app bcoz spreading negativity by congeessi and PAPPU .. no one can match with our pm SHRI NARENDRA MODI JI..He is doning very well four countrymen ...I am big follwer of our PM MODI JI Surprisingly

I still don't know if some one has to write a for the help from modi ji does he helps....???? I am looking forward for the reply.. If they seriously take normal people a am adami personal issues seriously Well done!!

One of the best app ever I have installed either in Android or iOS. UI is excellent and contents are just awesome. What more can you in expect from the PM of 1.3B people? Expecting much more like live SC hearing as well as documentation of current projects. Good

Thanks to Famous Comedian Pappu, Former Actress & Former MP Ramya letting us to know abt this App .. I was unaware of this I can contact our PM directly through this APP Muito bom!

Pidis,hats off to all your hard work u put it to come up with such stupid hash tags & bcoz of u today I had updated namo app Enjoy it!

One of the best app to get information about government schemes and news. The connect to pm section good by which we can write our suggestions to pm and social buzz section in which you get latest tweets regarding gov is very good. Just wow

This is a wonderful app to use. You can easily use it. It's is informative. You need not login using any ID, simple can be used as a guest. A very nice initiative by the Prime minister Flawless

Respect such a initiative towards achieving a citizen centric approach. Every initiative by Modi Ji was to keep the concerned citizens close to governance and directly connect to our #PradhanSevak through this platform to share our ideas. Jai Ho Modi Sarkar. Great!

Congress I knew of NaMo app but never installed this but thanks you trended this delete namo app and to show you your aukad I am downloading it. This is for the love and respect I show for my PM. You are no one to delete NaMo app or delete BJP from India. Highly Recommend.

Thanks to piddi Divya spandana for telling me about this app.......I want to slap u on ur ugly face and this is how I do go and suck up your pappu.... Worth it!

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