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Just because RaGa said delete it. I have installed it to check what permissions it asks for. Only storage is mandatory it seems which is must for most apps. Nothing wrong. Btw I am a mobile developer. Highly Recommend.

Just a polite request. Please make this app less data consuming by tweaking the image and videos quality. By the way Its very good. wow lol

Thanks Rahul Gandhi for reminding me to download this App. Please spare us your rhetorics and forget PM dreams love it

If I can share my data with FB, whatsapp, twitter, instagram.. And all other nonsense than why not to name.. Which is useful app. Love the app. Go well

thanks pappu gandhi... moron.... u r nt going to be successful.... cheap hindu hater Muito bom!

Unfortunately Stopped in my REDMI 4A mobile. What should I do?? This rating for this app. For My PM sir He is best PM and my favorite Poltician. Surprisingly

I think our pappu is God for BJP...I didn't knew about this I will directly connecting our PM...jai hind jai Bharat. Fantastic

First time i have got inspired from Pappu Perfect

I want my data to be shared with NaMo and his friends American companies and I want him to listen all my calls etc... Lol.. Omg

Great app 100 times better than any other useless apps we can easily understand transparency & vision of growing india. 5 star

Thanks Sona banane wali machine k creator.... Aaj mujhe tumhare wajhe se is acche app k Baar Mai pata Laga.... BJP IT cell bolke skte ho tum Sab bas.. Dil ki Tasalli k liye.. lol... Worth a go!

thank you pappu for letting me know about this app. And for those who are spreading false propaganda ,they must return back to their Stone age caves and stop using any social media apps too because even those apps need access to your phone to upload anything NOOBS . 5 star

Love you Shree Narendra modi. After Congress's controversy I installed app and rated 5 star. "Pappu Gandhi" never win election of PM... Cool

Great App. Only storage permission is required to run this app smoothly. Peoples are afraid why grant such permission to this made in india app. But blindly give all permissions to made in china app wow. Go well

I love our PM Shri Narendra Modi. Congress efforts to malign him will not work. Every Android app ask for permissions and store data, there is nothing unusual in this. People have no problem in sharing their every second details with app like Facebook but when it comes to some good initiative like ADHAR or this app they suddenly become sensitive about their privacy. #VoteForModi2019 Awesome

There is nothing wrong about NaMo app as the corrupt congress is propogating. Yes it asks for basic information which most of the apps ask. Nothing new in that. If you have a problem with NaMo app then you should have a problem with Whatsapp, Twitter and everything else. So delete all Apps on your smartphone, if you want to feel "Safe" 5 star

Congress initiated some event to uninstall Namo app. But to oppose that I have installed. Narendra Modi is a world class leader now and Congress cannot digest it. Hence propagating worst ideas. We love Modi ... Aap li bar Modi sarkar Pretty good

I didn't used this app in while. only reason I am reviewing is that Congress wants us to delete this app. And we know whatever congress says it's opposite is better for India and the mankind at large. Good

Thanks dear #Pappu for making this app popular I'm downloading it after seeing the DeleteNamoapp movement by Congress .This app is good and one doesn't need to give his personal data to use this app .I will vote NAMO in 2019.You better stay with your granny in Italy itself pappu love it

I am sure that Rahul Gandhi is an agent of BJP. I had uninstalled NaMo app few months back but today I download it again because of PaPpU. I thank him from the bottom of my heart he remains me that NaMo app is missing from my phone PaPpU you are doing well NaMo will proud of you.... :-) Worth it!

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