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All news reports about data being stolen by the app are false. It lets you use it even without giving any kind of access. You can even use it without login or registering. I am in IT and I know. I highly recommend this app, go ahead freely download and use this APP without any fear. I have just tested this app, after latest accusations by the congress & some news reports and found it good. Well done!!

Great work.. amazing app.. its normal information they are asking just like any other app.. The UI of the apl is great.. works just perfectly fine.. this will eliminate a lot of fake news going around and create a sense of positiveness among people Enjoy it!

Revolutionary decision taken. Let's play politics currupt people. One thing they all cry because you haven't give time for that... Worth it!

Downloaded specially after the propoganda by Pappu. We will take the nation forward together hand in hand. Thank you Sir Prime Minister. At last we have a leader to be proud of. Please keep showing us the way !!! Perfect!

Just downloaded, Coz of Promotions by Congress and RaGa.. They say about data stolen by this app. Lol. Every app needs access to our media so we can basically download something from an app. Moreover INDIRA CANTEEN App launched by congress govt in karnataka needs sign in option even though there is no use of it. Thats data theft by congress Recommend

Nice sir ,this app update me and give real time information about government.Opposotion are crying foul and spreading false story about this app.U can use this app as a guest mode .This app connect u directly from PM of India.Jai hind hai Bharat . Brilliant

I'm not saying some ppl hate NaMo at a pathological level but kindly read name of ppl giving one star. Great job

I am Proud to having a Prime Minister of India, Because of Pappu is Blaming this App I installed. He Doesn't know NCC Then how come he knows About this app. Jai Hind Superb!

First of all PM modi thank you for a laughing a this App this app is very useful and Trup all of the your career of government report in the app and the i apil that a public this app download and see here very useful and True Thank you so much and All the Best for next career... Works great

I think this app serves the best way to stay connected with the prime minister of our country. Its really download worthy app for every Indian Citizen so that he can follow his national leader and keep a track on the working of the government. Its awesome!! Thank you NaMo. Awesome

Modi is the power of nation ...he is great person for work continues without any leave .. always thinking for his country how to develop and make to no 1 position in the world ..his logical words and steps behind the young generation they know about present situations for his next future....I am always supports modiji... Fabulous!

I have added this app back to counter the false propaganda run by worldwide famous currupt political party self made president half mind pappu and his slave pappu sena Just wow

I heard people talking nonsense about the app... I don't know what there motivation are but I do know that when people know nothing about technology, they usually talk rubbish. Not bad

Great app.. I dont care abt my personal information like pic's contacts.. I always share this with fb.. Whatsapp.. Paytm.. Teligram.. Instagram..Banks. Cellular operators.. Why not share for a great cause... Good

In my opinion this app is a direct way of communication between the people of India and Honorable prime minister's of India...what's wrong with congress stuff in thier false propaganda. Works perfectly

Today there was a call to de-install this app by some PM aspirant in an apparent attempt to shift the goal post after his links to CA were exposed Great!

All lies by Congress and false propaganda by liberals I got an option to deny access to the files and after clicking it I logged in as a guest no problem whatsoever Cool

Guys, pappu moron is misleading you all to not download this app..but when an hacker exposed that congress is sharing your data with Singapore..they deleted you understood who is true?? Amazing!

This is a great app for connection to our PM I don't trust anyone who creating rumour abt this app there is nothing wrong in this ask same permission like any other app will ask.. Must have

I love and heigheist regard from core of my heart to our Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji .Convey all the best wishes to him for bright future. Marvelous

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