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I had given complaint in April 2017 and they had come yesterday after 4month for very small but important issues regarding general peoples health. Many times we want to share our problems with government as we pay our all duties, tax on time but we can't connect with this app. And also we didn't get reply on time. I consider at least in pmo we should get their help when we need it. Fantastic

It tells you about the news and activities of PM Modi. Information collection, distribution, suggestion, social networking is done. A user may create one's own profile by providing personal details. But app privacy can be secured by a password. Users participation make the app more meaningful and significant. Flawless

I never see app like this... Seriously very informative, detailed things in one place... I support PM sir...and in future because he think about us(youth)... Really a very good app & I love and follow it..daily.. Thank you... Superb!

esa koi app bhi hona chahiye jis se ham desh ke gambhir muddo par alni ray byakt kar sake .. jaise Arakshan , Jatibad, Dharma, kashmir mudde par vote karke ray byakt kar sake . ye ek bahut achha app hoga agar Govt. ki taraf se banaya jaye to Must have

It gives an opportunity to connect with our honourable PM and make him aware of ourselves directly. Even to share our grievances and to reach country to heights. Superb!

Most meaningful app for citizens of India to get in touch with it's Prime Minister on both Professional and Personal lever 24 x 7 x 365 and it's not a Political Party stunt but a medium to update oneself of the Nation's progress and programs and the individual thoughts and actions as a Prime Minister. Who so ever is controlling this app has the Nation's pluse on the finger tip which any time better than any survey. Congratulations. "I Love My India" Go well

Jab tak PM Modiji BJP me hai tab tak mera aur mere pariwar ka only on modiji ko hi Suport rahenga. Hame sirf unpe bharosa hai par unke niche kam karne walon pe pura bharosa nahi rakh sakte hai Surprisingly

All Govt. Servants to have 6 working days with 8 hrs work and lunch break of 30 Mts. Public Holidays on 26 Jan & 15 Aug.only.Add 3 more per Individual as per his / her Religion. Service is to Serve People & Country Omg

I wish to submit my suggestion for Reforms in Indian Railways, Political views/suggestion for faster sustainable development of Indian Railways and also our Nation thereof. Warm regards, P C Majumdar Works great

We the people of India are now getting more respect than ever. This is just for our beloved PM Mr. Narendra Modi Sahab. Now we are living in an era of distinct direction in all the way. Sir I would request pls keep continue your structural reform and the way you communicate like this app it's never happened in India. I have passed around 39 years of my age, but really want to take a new birth so that I can enjoy more with a new India. Brilliant

For the first time i have gained confidence in politics after Narendra Modi ji. I am truly proud of our prime minister. Big salute. Jai Hind sir. Marvelous

App is well designed and one more Urdu language that has to added in this app, if tech team do this am thankful to them. Jai hind Not bad

It is a very good and revolutionary step from proactive and very responsive PM Shri Narendra Modiji and government connect to people let people to connect their govt directly and share their feelings and views with govt so that they can also feel and be a part in nation building. Every Bhartiya would definitely love this app bcoz, he has a chance to connect with his/her PM directly.... In real sense it is a one of the best use such a social media platforms to connect with mass. I and every indian is blessed for having such a Great Living Legendary PM.... Jai Hind.... Vande Mataram.. Amazing!

Though I see news and follow modiji. He is touching each n every point for the transforming india and making new india. Now on 9th august a spl day to remember our freedom fighters and taking sankalp to achieve goals for transformed india w.e.f. 2017 to 2022 when we will be completing 75 years of independence. So I take pledge all six sankalp to take our nation to new hights..... Not bad

Mind blowing and amazing apps.. Thik hi khe the Swami vivekanand ji ne" Ak din humara desh,,humara bharat aisa uthega,aisa jagega ki puri duniya dekhti rah jayegi.'' Swami vivekanand ji ke sapno ko sach karne ke liye aaj humare pradhan mantri ji ne apna pura aur aham yogdan diye aur de rhe hai... I salute my Prime minister.✍ ""AGLI BAAR FIR SE MODI SARKAR"" JAI HIND JAI BHARAT Works perfectly

मेरे हिसाब से इससे बड़ा कदम सायद ही हो जिससे हम भारत के प्रधान सेवक से सीधे जुड़ सके... Thanks modi team मेरा प्यारा हिन्दुस्तान आज प्रगति की राह पर है। 5 star

When the NM App notification arrives, I see it is in Telugu. Why? I have selected English as a default language. Why is notification shown in Telugu? I will still agree to see it in Kannada but not in Telugu. Please clarify. Brilliant

Modiji my family beloved leader,our nation future depends in his ruling only.I want to give two valuable suggestions to him,pls tell which platform.murali wow lol

I love u PM Modiji sir...may God bless u always n gives u strength to do the better n best for the nation! Jai shree ram! Flawless

"जय हिंद जय भारत" प्रधानमंत्री जी मैं भारत के छत्तीसगढ़ प्रदेश में रहता हुँ यहाँ की रमन सरकार घोटाले पे घोटाले किये जा रही है क्या आप यहाँ के घोटालो की जांच नहीं कराएगे| "वन्दे मातरम" Surprisingly

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