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Internal server error issue SOLVED 1) Disable the Narendra Modi app 2) Click on Clear Data in the Apps 3) It takes 300+ MB of data if you have used the ask frequently 4) When you click on Clear Data in step 2, all the cached data, saved password of Narendra Modi app will be deleted. 5) So, open the updated app. Click on allow when you get one or multiple pop-up windows 6) Once again login with your email id and password 7) that's it!! It works fine now. Muito bom!

Application is crashed once in day throw error after that I have to reinstall to access application again. Pretty good

"internal server error" is showing, please help as soon as possible. If possible , solve it today Good

Answer my simple question. How can I delete my account from NM app and server?? It's my right!! Perfect

Very best application to connect all state people, interact directly with our PM, and get wishes fr our PM Flawless

Proud to be indian & proud for our Honourable prime minister shree Narendra Modiji Go well

One of the most admired person after Almighty God is Shri Narendrabhai Modi. Almighty God give him long & healthy life. Marvelous

Latest app version shows "INTERNAL SERVOR ERROR". Please fix this problem and solve it. Good

अपनी जनता को सूचनाएं देने का शसक्त माध्यम है।सरकार को जाने तथा अपनी आवश्यकता को सरकार को बताये। Just wow

Social media mate aa app saru kam kari rahi che and also people knowing all about our nation... Good job sir Good

देश के प्रधान मंत्री कैसे हो, श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी के जैसे हो। The perfect leader for the nation. App user interface is very Nice. Very informative app. Cool

The last update says internal error...There is such a small bug in last soon as plz solve this issue wow lol

I just update it but there is Internal Server Error. Please solve this problem.. Perfect!

Incredibly amazing and extremely informative........ Salute to P.M. He is doing an awesome deed. Proud of are great sir.Keep doing sir we're with you. Fabulous!

Superb thought by our prime minister sir. Very good application and upto date information from the government. Transparency is clearly visible. Thank you sir. Great!

That's good app for our nationalsum and very fastest growing technology our BJP members Works perfectly

It's a good app to have updates on PM's initiative, however, the notification settings are just a gimmick. I tried several times but restarting the application turns them on automatically. It seems the owner of the app wants to enforce his/her choice of sending notifications to the user. I'm sorry but I can't agree with this policy, and I'm uninstalling it. Brilliant

This app updated us about our PM modi ji and about the governence. I request to update fastly this app and in share option once we share post in one place than share option gone than if we want to share somewhere uless in social media unable to post the same from the NM app.Plz do needful Awesome

I want to convey to Modiji.Aadhar card link is made compulsory which is fine.I am 68 years old senior citizen of India.If I go for biometry because of my age my fingerprints are not clear.So they ask my daughter's fingerprints & Aadharcard.My phones are in my daughter's name.If I go for any claim of money they ask the telephone bill in my name which I dont have because of my age & fingerprint.Modiji we request you to make alternate arrangements for senior citizens like me who suffer a lot for many things getting done. Thank you Modiji hoping to get relief Must have

Graet app. Now we can directly communicate with our Prime Minister and sharing of problems ,thoughts and suggestions became easy which were missing in the past governments. Now through this app every citizen can contribute to their nations welfare directly without joining any political party. Fabulous!

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