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This app gives ample information about what's happening in india and india's projects...Because of this app i realised how congress kept indian citizens in dark.. Thank u modi ji.. The 'pradhan sevak' of bharat. Worth it!

A wonderful platform for tracking govt. Achievements and outburst lies of moron opposition. Highly Recommend.

All hail pappu for letting thousands of people know about this app. Thank you very much. Yep this app asked for permission storage access so this app can actually steal my music play list and videos(omg),this would be so bad as our great leaders may waste lot of time and energy watching my videos Works perfectly

Now I can easily keep in touch with our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi but credit not goes to developers credit goes to Divya Spandan Awesome

Fell proud to have this app ........and han.......maine isse rahul gandhi ke bolne ke baad download kia..........wo na bolte to sayad naa karta......thanks rahulji.... Brilliant

Latest update says internal server error. App is crashing. Not able to connect with internet. Kindly fix the problem as soon as possible. wow lol

One of the best apps in terms of User contextual reach, fresh content and rich user interface. Kudos to the developers for this great experience. Worth it!

Very nice app!must thank Shriman Rahul Gandhi for giving us information..It is publicity drive by Congress..for the BJP love it

It's a superb app to interact with Prime Minister Modi.It gives every details regarding Centre programs and PM's schedule.I installed it to show Congressi's that this app is safe and secured.It doesn't share any personal information to anyone.I want to thank Pappu and Congress for letting me knowing all about Namo App. #NevereverdeleteNamoApp Flawless

Great app !! It cannot be better than this, the specifications in the app are amazing. One can find every aspect of the life of PM. What initiative have been made or what are the future plans, you can compare and find what things are actually done or what sort of things are going in our country. I am not a modi fan, but i stand for the truth and that is what i found in this application. There are only 2 permissions for using the app i .e acess to photos and media files and sms access. 5 star

Thanq narendra bhai for such a luvly app... And really thanq for pappu raul baba and his italian mother for giving so much of publicity... I didn't had space but still uninstalled many other apps just to install this one... Its a very useful app... Good to connect to narendra bhai directly... Jai modi raj... Pappu tu gaya kaam se... Ab app ki rating badadenge... Bharath matha ki jai Jai BJP wow lol

Today I installed it after all hallballu from Congress. Nice app worked even on guest mode. So there is no compulsory to enter personal details. And pappu should know that today even pappu type app also ask for details to enter. And whole world is using. Surprisingly

Thank you so much rahul gandhi and INC for this awareness program. I suggest RaGa to install this app. Then you might get some information about its information policy. Thanks to PMO for bringing this app to public platform Perfect

Just came here to support Narendra Modi when illiterate people like RG made a comment just to spread his false propaganda. Omg

Awesome application very much useful for all Indians... Did knew about this application thank you very congress and your technical team to help us know about this application... I found this application very useful all Indians should have this application to know what is going on in our country#votemodi2019 Great job

Thanks @RahulGandhi alot for let me know about this namo qpp.b4 it i dont know about tgis app.I download it now and inspiring my frnd and family foe download this super app Good

"East or West PM Modiji is The Best PM forever Works perfectly

I download this app when it was launch but bcoz of less space in mobile I have deleted but to support our pm now I deleted facebook flipkart amazon many app and download this Works great

No matter How this pappu's paid technical pappus trys to misguide people by fake news all around the social media.... I beileve my country is respected all around the world now. Sir Narendra Modi is pride of my Nation. I have deep respect for your work being PM. I support you . Fcuk you Congress. Flawless

Rahul Gandhi considers every Indian to be a retard like himself that people can't handle approving android permissions before installing it. 5/5 Rahul Gandhi will provide us a congress free country with his campaigning skills (for bjp lmao) Pretty good

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