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Underrated!! It's actually a great app overall but it's being underrated by people -edit- Please add an offline playing mode Awesome

Lack of male character and too much repeated caharcter Add more male characters and add more main characters not just supporting chara. and repeated character ; Lisara pack 3, 17 & pack 6, 11. Kaori pack 4, 4 & pack 7, 5. Kouko pack 4, 15 & pack 5, 12. Mashiro pack 3, 2 & pack 9, 17. Erika pack 3, 8 & pack 8, 5 Pretty good

OK but I had problems with it For some reason it didn't shoe the characters, besides that it worked completely fine Go well

I've found a mistake. Character's name in the third level under the number 12 is "Kaburagi", not "Kabugari". Correct it, please. /sorry for my English/ Great job

Cool app I loved it , but it would be even more awesome if we get the clear image of the charcter when naming them correctly

Best Game Ever!!!! I most definitely enjoyed this game. It is a very fun and addicting game. Unfortunately, i have beaten it already...but i had fun doing so

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