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Great Game This is a great game and it is fun I give this game five stars because it's fun you should make more games like this libii also love your other games their also fun ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Surprisingly

Alright Well I heard a lot of people saying that it didn't work but it did for me. When I first downloaded it I hade to restart my phone because it froze but after that it worked really well. I also like the super cute nail design.

Awesome but It is a really cool game and I like it a lot but it is always freezing and stuff and it is also really slow but I love the game over all

App was great but... I don't understand when I was playing it started out with a backround that was locked? Great game though its pretty cool that you actually get to see what it looks like:-P Good job

Nice... Its good but some of the things are locked and its like i like things that are not really locked. But its still a nice game Not bad

Hate it 100% This is the worst games ever. It messed up my Galaxy Tablet I hate it so much it glictches and lags up your device and your have to spend your money on a bunch off good stuff and it ends up as a scam. 1 star for this dumb [email protected]#$# game. Sorry cuss, this games made me SO made. wow lol

Board Its rubishhhhhhhh I hate it rubishhhhhhhh and boring. What's your comment? Psst I don't know what summary means that's why I didn't do it and I know what you mean sucks when you click on the colour it goes on the app store and iv never played the game exempt when I wanted to tap the colour :-) :( plus I have done one star to buddy sucks Rubishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Must have

Fine I like the game it is so beautiful and so nice but in the game the some locked is so beautiful & its ok I like the game it is so nice Perfect!

They borrow my phone everyday just for playing this game XD. Go well

Love it.... miracale moment!!!!!! I always use this app to distract my 8 year old stepsister cleo, who always goes through my nail stuff, so in order to distract her i always put this game on my phone to keep her distracted whilst i do my mom's nails as it her wedding in two weeks.. trust me this app's a life saver. Superb!

Awesome but a few issues.... This game is awesome, but whenever you tap on the nails it says nail salon can't respond. So if you would fix that that would be awesome! Go well

I liked it :-) Awesome! If you unlock everything, youl'e see you your nails sparkle!!:-) but the problem is I don't know how to unlock them, please unlock every items! Worth a go!

Come ONNNNN SERIOUSLY GUYS. I love this game on my iPad. But since its broken I got it on my phone. This game sucks a**. It dosent crash on my iPad, but every f**king time! I open it, it says "It has crashed" WELL F**K THIS S**T. FIX PLZ!! (P.S. sorry for cursing im angry Worth it!

Ok But when I go on the game and start painting the nails it just returned to my home screen can be a bit laggy but other than that I think it is really fun love all the colours. But I think you need to sort out the problems or people are not going to download it. And if you didn't mean to make it return to the home I think it is good. I am not going to down load the next game until u sort the problems on this game but when you have sorted them I'll go on the game check then download the next game OK great. Marvelous

Pretty Nice. So this game is cool,but I have some negative things and some positive things. My 1st positive thing is that I'm a good artist and this game can let me be creative as I want.Another positive is that I played this game with my friend. My first - is that everytime I get on this game it keeps on saying welcome to nail salon xcetera. My second negative is that I really really like some of the rings that they have but they are on lock so please make them on luck.:-) Flawless

Awesome I love this game it so fun awesome they have the cutest nails tell me was I right or wrong Cool

Awesome This game is so so so so gorgeous and thats why I love this game , but the sad thing is that I couldn't download it. Perfect!

HATE THIS I made some good amareken flag nails and then I cut the nails every thing was gone! I poot one star

Sukes you can't even play it It SUKES I tryed to play it but I open it the I tryed to paimt her nails but when I hit the nail paint it took me out of the game so im telling tou dont by it Not bad

Just plain terrible Won't download cuz I have too much games. Only 2 games is a lot didn't you know. This game is the worst actually I don't know cuz I can't play the stupid thing. Flawless

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