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I think this game is awesome. But I am not sure this game is simple because sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is easy Just wow

Mind blowing this type of game I never had played this game would be best for girls Amazing!

I agree with the people who say it's boring. I played it months ago on my mom's tablet. It was fun. But now, it's boring. Amazing!

This game is very interesting but it's not that much of good. But it is good for girls. I like this game very much because l love to play this kind of games. Great job

Ya girl games not for boys so I'm a girl so boy's its not for you to install and then say eww what a game so as me like girl I likely love this game ya I'm girl and liked the game ya so boys back off the game not boys app sheshh Works perfectly

I loved this game so much Perfect!

Yall are just haters and yall shut up i love this game yall just trying to make the maker of this game sad this game is fun thats why i am deleteing all yall coments Not bad


My little cousin love to play this game and she said that she wants to open up something this Amazing!

I think this game is over the top. It's coming first in my Olympics. If you didn't ever want download this app download it now or never. Perfect!

This game is not as great as some of the others that I have played. Could you pls. make it so you can do the whole hand instead of three fingers and also make something to let you know you are done? That would get 5 stars from me. Superb!

Loved it soo much it was amazing grace y'all girls need to go eat some rotten cucumber that taste like farts haha Cool

Loved it I deleted this game after however its a free wonderful game. You do not have to purchase any items and it is super fun Perfect

Best game in the world it is so fun and easy you can design someone do that makeup decorate a room but you will need some that's a problem is that when you're designing a room you gotta put in more space please fix this game is so good just please make the room a bit bigger please fix it Go well

It was great and I loved it and it was the bomb so I am going to have the same thing as my friend love it

Good, but bad at the same time This game is OK. It's good because there is lots of options to choose from to put on the nails. I think there should be more detail on this game because it's a short game, it doesn't have many steps, there should be more options. But, you may think different if u like so that's my opinion Great!

It wasn't the best i thought they were suposted to have rings on them and i hated when i was drying the nails adds poped up and it was kinda boring Recommend

Loved it It is awesome it has awesome jewels but the voice is kind of annoying and they should have diffrent music choices not hating just saying Recommend

So good I love it it's so stylish it's so fun for kids my child loves it. :-) :-) :-) :-) Pretty good

Best game ever This is the best because you get to do alot more than other game 5 stars and this is my dads phone best Enjoy it!

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