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I like this game and it makes it look like you could really do someone's nails like that Enjoy it!

I think that this game is really fun for me to play and maybe for other people to not just me Highly Recommend.

This game is so good well it's it's good but it's past cool things that you can do on there like you get to take a picture and you get to save it and I think that whenever you save it it shows what pictures that you took that you took so like whenever people play the game they see the pictures of what it can be like. This game is amazing!!! Superb!

This game is awesome. I like the henna and the nail polish and the nails. I love everything in this game. Marvelous

It's so cool game.I love this app. Flawless

Really fun game! I love doing nails, and I like how you can pick a skin color. This game can make me stay for hours! Btw whoever calls this game "boring" has no taste in games. Awesome

This is the best app ever wow lol

I think this is a really intresting game and I love it Works perfectly

Its good , keep it on i love this game but i didnt gave the last one because there is no mahandi wow lol

I think it's good for little kids when they want to paint their nails you guys teach them how to do it Fantastic

It is amazing loved it because it does not hangs,it has many interesting features and ads do not disturb when we are playing it . So I will say everybody to download it.If you are cool and do not download it that means you are a big fool . Twinkle Twinkle little stars who ever download it are super stars . Surprisingly

I am in love with this game b because it is nice and that the hands are so nice and I can we can pick whatever things we want to decorate it with but most of all the Hannah was really cool and you get to pick a variety of different things and a and a variety of henna designs as well as the colour of the people's hand brown white and all of those stuff but it's really nice because you get to do you get pic like fairy designs and you can pick whatever you like so that's what I love the most about henna designs and I will always like to restore it and I would want to but most of all it's really enjoy it and everyone can enjoy it with a big or small adult or child anyone Marvelous

Wow what a nice game I like to play this game and I also want every one to install this game please install it Fabulous!

I love this game verýýyyyyyyýy much And I request that all can install this mail &heena beauty app Perfect

I love this's a superb game . You must install it it is my request,l am sure you will love it.... Recommend

This game is very beautiful game because this game in used Mehandi. Design pls download Perfect!

great game...allows your creative side to come out. I like the fact that it gives you the option to choose to design any way that you like. Awesome

It is superb game but you should give Option of preety rings also but. Cool

I think it is okay but i would like it to have costumers and you can copy what they want on there nails and add more henne Fantastic

Best game l loved it a lot it's like the best game ever I have downloaded Great!

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