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I reported illegal fireworks usage around my area and nothing has changed. They still discharge their fireworks. Omg

About time someone did this. My dog suffers from seizures and we always panic he might get one when people shoot them off. Plus our local PD doesn't do anything Recommend

People breaking the law, you deserve to get busted. Your selfish, entitled, and lawless behavior cannot be tolerated in a community. I submit dashcam video to local police, and now I can show who's misbehaving in our neighborhoods too! Not bad

Crush Fireworks Criminals! Wish I had this tool last year when some neighbors 4th of July bottle-rocket insanity flew across the street & exploded next to me. Damaged my hearing. Criminals beware...I'm ready for you now! I've got my new app & I'm not afraid to use it! Cool

Finally! I've waited more than 20 years to get someone to respond to neighbors. I gave up after a few years of being told they had to be caught in the act. No more! Nailed those criminals. love it

Seems to be working for me Someone has been lighting off M80s or something similar (really loud!) Across the street. My dog is terrified! I couldn't get a photo but wrote a detailed message and put the address and it went through. A few mins later it went from (new) to (assigned). I hope they catch them! If you need to light stuff off do it far away from animals, people and structures you can burn down! There's reasons why they are illegal here. Pretty good

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