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Very fuc*** game first of all it's need more than 300mb space then u can't upgrade Ur weapons u need something special fuc*** card and it increases to only 100 but game level want 170 something very poor waste of time Worth a go!

This is a good game but from the fourth update we cannot fire big plasma balls from pulse strike and viper. The rocket launchers like boom we cannot fire more than one rocket at the same time Great!

I haven't made that much progress into the story yet but this game is a solid shooter with superb graphics even on my trashy Android cell phone. The controls are genius (The game plays incredibly smoothly for a mobile game.) and the upgrades plentiful and rewarding. There is even a rich multiplayer community and daily challenges to win prizes. The best part is, it is free-to-play and the multiplayer is free also. The best mobile game I have ever played without question... Pretty good

This game is good but when I even on the data connection i can't play multiplayer or events so please check that and reply and some minor bug changes like 1. We are not getting guns which the level wanted and the level of my shield was very less, so make some changes in chest,so that we can play some higher levels easily. Overall this game is good Surprisingly

.AWESOME GAME .COOL GRAPHICS. MADE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE ACTION. Please try and make it easy for small children as I m 15 years old and can't complete it but outstanding game Enjoy it!

There are some lags, the gameplay is good, but the multiplayer doesn't work. It'll say there is a problem with the connection when your internet is perfectly fine. Other than that this is a really fun game, no graphic violence, no cursing, a good shooter game. I highly recommend it. The effects are really nice, they aren't too obsolete, and the story is entertaining, a good time killer. Nova Legacy is a great game and I thank the creators for all of their time and effort. Download Nova Legacy today! Fantastic

Had to come back and subtract 2 stars for all of the ad pop ups and commercials they've added. It's already a P2W game and they also get paid from the ad/rewards system which are limited so you'll still have to P2W. I actually really like the "you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours" method of advertising though. It allows one to CHOOSE to watch an ad and in doing so he/she receives a gift, Win/Win! It felt fair and balanced and I actually didn't mind watching the ads. Now, with the additional ads forced upon us, the game just feels a bit dirty, sneaky, and greedy. It really is a shame. :( Omg

It's an excellent game destroyed by pay to win mechanics. Epic gears have been severely nerfed with the introduction of Legendary gears (of which you will probably get 1 card per 20 or so packs, unless you want to buy some). Almost 60 or more rocket launcher ammo (of epic gear) were required to defeat the final boss. Yup, that much of the weapons were nerfed. However, my rocket launcher was lvl 230. But I needed 16000+ coins to even lvl up from 220. The few later updates are making coins scarcer (along with previously scarce trilithiums). Oh, and let me know if someone gets a legendary gear without paying. Worth it!

I use to love this game but now the game sucks cuz no matter how much u upgrade ur shield and weapons someone weaker is allowed to kill u it doesn't make sense fix this and then I'll give it 5 stars again Highly Recommend.

Amazing I mean it is brilliant for single player mutiplayer real time pvp There are like 50 weapons but please lower the price of packs so we can get more cards .hats off to Gameloft but at last giving us a gamelike this just love it wow lol

Good game..... But in 1 of d campaign missions, there is an optional objective of doing 5 melee kills. It is actually difficult bcoz u shoot automatically at the Xeno Raiders only if your cross hairs is aimed at them. They die before I can melee them and so it's really difficult. Recommendation: Remove the auto-firing feature and add a button for shooting. Works great

The game is awesome, but it hangs now a days in my honor 7x, i have checked the GPU stats nd there is no problem, i am already playing iron blade, mortal combat, cover fire... Nd more... I dont know why is it hanging now after last update, pls fix it, if its possible from your end guys. Not bad

Gameloft... Congratulations!! For ruining your only good game.... Certainly you guys don't know what to make this was the one which I loved once but now it is one which I hate...... DAMN U NOW IT REQUIRE Great!

I like the game but if I want resurrection from vedio then it comes that vedio not available. I don't think there are any bug fixes in the game. And I don't get to do melee attacks. So ad some combat weapons please other than that everything is going good. And pls add Pokemon games which doesn't use internet connection similar to this game Works great

I don't know of other games though. Stooky☆! I'm so Happy I got the game except I want a 1v1 because me and my best friend Jonathan can't play against each other please but I love this game it is my 3rd favorite game after star wars uprising witch stopped working and rocket league witch there isn't one like the ps4 one. AWESOME ☆If you don't know what Stooky means it means Awesome Highly Recommend.

A great game from every aspect. The only major issue with the game is that it doesn't have any options to buy or upgrade weapons using your coins. I am stuck in a mission for which I don't have enough AMMO and sufficient weapons. I will appreciate help in this regard... Must have

This is a great game. I saw most of the reviews complaining about unfair matchmaking in the multiplayer matches but let me tell yu guys its not that unfair its just that at start yu need to put some extra efforts to grow and even if yu loose against some strong oponents yu get multiplayer league points and when yu reach a set mark of league points assured packs. So pls stop crying about unfair matchmaking its just that yu need to play a few more matches and at last yu will also realise the fact that yu are also improving. I myself started with deadlock level 170 and within 2 - 3 weeks i am now at 330 level so stop just crying and giving fake reviews Great job

It's great to have a game like Nova legacy... I think some improvement can be done (if I'm right to say so) on the controls of the player. Otherwise it's awesome Omg

The drones are annoying in the campaign and the graphics are passable, but the game overall is great, I personally enjoy multiplayer because I can wear the campaign enemy's armor set. Get this game. The flaws can be easily looked passed. Flawless

Game is too good but there is something wrong. It's not working for events and multiplayer matches.. It shows loading 20% and then suddenly display a offline message. It's really annoying Must have

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