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good ideas but need more work this app is pretty unique letting you browse different manba doujins and anime all by just switching the media type. The collection of anime ,anga and hentai definitely needs to be expanded as i noticed alot of anime from 2010 on missing and hentai doujins as well. whenever I try to change the save directory the app crashes which was one of the main features stting thks app apart from already existing Manga apps.When i download lots of chaptera of mangs they combine and such bugs need fixing. Flawless

Seriously the 3 Main genre are too wonderful and a very smart idea. Good job on that, easy download anime manga and hentai is great. The only problem is that it wont load most of the time why? Recommend

Pretty decent app although I've been laughing for a good five minutes because the 07 Ghost manga calls Teito a girl... he's a boy and I don't understand how it got messed up this bad? Great!

IO errors! This app is great and has a huge selection of Manga. However IO errors EVERY WHERE! This leads to a lot of frustrating waiting. The only fix is to download it to the device you are currently using. I also think a genre menu should be added, sometimes I don't want the blindly pick something. There's also an issue of the same Manga being uploaded more than once. Everything else is fine though. 5 star

IO errors! This app is great and has a huge selection of Manga. However IO errors EVERY WHERE! This leads to a lot of frustrating waiting. The only fix is to download it to the device you are currently using. Everything else is fine though. Well done!!

Good selection. missing features Does pretty much what it advertizes but crashes every time i try to change the save directory, which is why o downloaded this in the first place. Edit: looks like this glitch was fixed yay! Awesome

Too many errors! I love the app, it's done amazing when I wanted to read. But recently ever time I go to a new chapter there is an error. I have to close the app, wait a moment, and then scroll back to where I was, it just kinda ruins the experience. So if that gets fixed, even by a little, that would be amazing! Aside from that I have no other complaints. This app is awesome. Works great

Please fix When I'm reading the manga most of them would say error another is theirs too many ads that opens in the middle of the anime. I know some app must have ads but can you fix it So it won't pop in the middle of the anime it ruins the show. Fantastic

Server errors and no bookmark tab Getting tired of those black X's on every other chapter. Doesn't matter what device I use, sometimes it's 2 chapters outta 3, and some days, there's no point in trying. Also, it would be nice if there was a Bookmarks tab from the favorites screen so I dont have to spend so long getting back to what I read last. love it

Good app, could be better I like the interface, but for some reason whenever the app starts it turns off my auto brightness for my screen. There should be a way to prevent this as it gets annoying to have to constantly turn on my auto brightness after using the app Omg

Good with 1 problem Fairly happy with the program. The only catch I find is that, if I use the search function, the manga always come up as I errors. But does.not show the same if I scroll through and find it manually. Please fix this guys. wow lol

Decent selection. Anime seems to only be in Japanese. Constant "IO" errors even after downloading are annoying. Great job

Its great Its great only problem ive been having is its annoying loading. Ill be reading a manga and then all of a suddon i cant read it anymore it gets an x on each page Muito bom!

I get too many IO errors when I am trying to read a consecutive story. It frustrates me that this app is well designed but not well maintained please offer something of a subscription where we can pay for better maintained manga. Just wow

Good with minor issues Access to many animes and Mangas with a couple of issues. If you turn your phone while reading a manga it resets you to the first page, and you sometimes have to reload the anime you are watching to get through it. Recently anime haven't really been updated. With the exception of one piece and drain ball super, nothing has esky been updated in a couple of weeks. Go well

The app really needs to be re organized, everything is unorganized. Tried reading Prison School and its missing quite a few chapters same with jojos bizarre adventure part 5 its missing over half its chapters Works great

Great app. Screen brightness issue though This app works great for reading. I only have one small issue and that is that it turns my screens auto brightness off after reading. It's a small issue but still. This is on a galaxy s6 for reference. Worth it!

Please add the 90's anime Everything's great but i was thinking if you could add animes from 90's. Like judy abott (daddy long legs) and remi, nobody's girl...etc!That would be fantastic! XD Must have

Minor Missing Feature The app is pretty excellent on the more visible features, like it's great interface for example, but there's a little detail that I would appreciate that the app would have, is that when, for example, you finish reading a manga's chapter, I just would like it to mark that chapter and let me know that I already read that specific chapter. I just like that feature since, it just helps me to keep track where I left off so, please, if you could add that feature, I would really APPRECIATE it. Cool

Amazing app! I get to watch all my favourite anime and read all my favourite manga without having to waste data on online streaming. My only problems are the ads in-between and the fact that I can't download it for offline watching/reading. I'm not sure why. But I thoroughly enjoy the app when there's wifi. Just wow

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