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This game is a great time killer, but it can be a lot better. 1. Could you add a restart button to restart the missions? But it keeps the amount of coins you had? 2. Could there be more to do? It gets boring easily. Especially when you can't find your friends. 3. For usernames could you do a thing were you can choose the first part of it and the second part of it separately? Because sometimes I was getting a name I found several with a nice beginning or ending... But a not so great other part of it. Other than that it is a good game for all ages. Thank you for reading and take my suggestions into consideration. Just wow

I love this game but there is 2 things that I don't like 1.) When you go through the trees and bushed it freezers and it's so snooping 2.)every single time I play this game it always makes the animal invisible and unable to see the animal and move so I have to quit the game for about 5 minutes and then play it again ? I'm hoping that you could make this game not make the animal and clitch again thank you . At least make one of one them change thank you Great!

I am just amazed right now on how u guys made this game. It was THE BEST GAME EVER (plz make more games like this cause ur games are the best FOXIE GAMES!!!!!!;p:);)♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♣♣♧♧;-):-):-D:O Also guys look out for the name Opal-Pooh cause that is my character Enjoy it!

It's a good game and here are a few updates I want hehe. More animals aka baby foxes,baby pandas,adult Bengal,adult cyote,adult eagle ect. 2.more actions such as drink. 3. All the people you add you have a friend list and it shows if there on or not. And one last thing xD You can write your own names? Thanks for making this fun game!!! It's awsome!!! Good

Does anyone know how to turn on the chat? I'm lvl 24, and it's been like this the whole time. Foxy Games, can you (in this game) add, ermmmm....... Mash-up animals? I'll explain. Mash-up animals are just 2 diffrent animals that are combined. I got the idea...... Wait for it........ FROM A GLITCH!!!!!! You read that right, a GLITCH! I started playing with the animals, you know, where you change your pet? I hit 2 of them at the same time. Try it! Brilliant

I really hate it when I have to do so many random missions just to continue on. My mom will not pay for the membership thing yet. So annoying!! But it's a great game though!! Omg

y'know. its ok. really dumb how you have to cycle thru dumb names you dont even like. its stupid and retarted. pls fix so we can type our own name or choose two words from catigories to make a screenname like in spirit animals game. thxs and cool game. love it

I love the opportunity of playing this game! Thank you for your time in making this game, it is amazing how good a game like this game can be! I love everything about it, graphics, gameplay, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! THANK YOU! Really, if you don't like this game, I highly recommend you to go to a doctor. The Best. I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information about what to do if you don't like this game, but if you do, here's a list of things to do if you don't like this game: 1) See a doctor. 2) Make sure you are alive. 3)( If you are alive and well, ok.) Fantastic

I love it! But can you guys change my name to Rosie Kitty? I really like that name. My name now is Cotton Cakes. And to everyone on lvl 24, if u want to get in vet viv's tent the X is behind the top of viv's head FYI. Because i had to leave the game when i went to viv's tent when i got on lvl 24. But don't listen to the people sayin it's bad, they lying. Perfect

This is a fun app, if u r one of those bored all the time people (like I am) then get this!! The only problem is that u are limited to like 5 quests a day and it's frustrating. Other than that, great app! Recommend

Its fine but they should consider putting more levels after level 24. Some people don't have enough money to buy the VIP or membership. The should also let people earn them in other level challenges. But the game is also very addicting. 5 star

It was a sensational game! Not one thing wrong with it. I love how you can unloc each world and explore ew things and see the life of a animal. I will rate this 100000000 stars Brilliant

This is a really good game and i love it but you cant save progress and i would like to know a prom code because i had lvl 24 but then i got on one time but i deleted my progress and i had to restart. I sent an email to foxie games and haven't heard back yet. Also i keep glitching out and i know im not the only one pls fix this Surprisingly

This game is great, and something to play if you're bored. One thing about this, though, is that the animals are quite expensive. And it doesn't take long to finish the missions before you hard to wait again. Although this game has a few down sides, it is definitely something that I enjoy playing~ Perfect!

I love the game. It's practically my life. However, I went on a room called zebras only just now and there's somebody called SANDY-Patch who won't stop cussing at everyone. I tried telling them to stop as there are little kids playing but they just ignored me and they won't stop. Pls do something if u can bc they're being rly rude Fabulous!

I'm an adult playing a game that's clearly meant for children so I can't really complain. It's cute. It's a decent way to pass the time. Not very challenging, but again, the game is clearly meant for children. The graphics are pretty good, I guess. I was kind of annoyed at how I couldn't type in my own name but I suppose that's there to keep people from using inappropriate screennames. You can only do a few quests a day for free, which is slightly annoying but also not a bad thing because it makes the game last longer. Worth a go!

Great! I've only played it for 5 minutes, and I love it! Only one problem: you can't chat unless you're above 13. Either way, great game! Can't wait for more updates! Pretty good

I really enjoyed playing this game. The art style and music are beautiful. You don't get many free missions a day, but it's one of few mobile games you can play and enjoy for free. Paying for the game makes it more fun with more animals and more daily missions, but isn't required to make game play possible nor is it shoved in your face. In my opinion, in the next update the movement of the animals should be cleaned up because at times it looked jerky, but overall it's a fun game. 5 star

Honestly... i love it! Great!

OK. There are some online daters. Where it says "JOIN ROOM" or "CHOOSE ROOM" And if you choose "CHOOSE ROOM" you'll see some dirty rooms...I won't say 'em but y'know. And so ppl say just let 'em Grind on each others-... Anyway I just had to rant. Lol, overall It's good. Marvelous

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