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I dont remember my pin code n when I click on the send me a pin by show me a msg he sent it but I didn't receive any email Well done!!

I'm user of telenor app.. In telenor app we can see the msg history but in warid app there is no concept of history so i hate this app Great!

The share bundle information has been removed!! You should add features not remove the already available ones! Superb!

Please add an option to manage another warid or jazz numbers, also add custom package create option like Telenor. Cool

I am very old user but if you merge jazz and warid then merge all the services i mean link warid customers with veon Brilliant

After the Merger of Jazz and Warid , this Combo Sucks! I am Warid user since 2005 and now its totally crap. Superb!

It's useless. Showing nothing about activated packages. Hey Warid you should copy *my zong ap*. Superb!

I just forgot my pin and recovery question answer is there any thing can be done to retrieve my pin or change my pin ? wow lol

Plz give The CDR system in aapp like ufone app... They give detail of calls and sms and data pkt... Plz developers Recommend

some problms created after updation can b rsolves by rinstalling the app. but sms unsubscriprion options are removed which is not a good update please provide this option again Works great

Tariff change option is disappear . like changing my voice pkg etc glow to 30 second low call rate . or 1 minute pkg is gone from the option. put it back plz Fantastic

What's wrong with your services now? I cant even login with this app please resolve this issue wow lol

I only installed it on my new phone so I could keep track of my LTE usage without using the ridiculously complicated and forgettable codes for each package but it doesn't work. I am very disappointed with this app because it worked before they introduced the ridiculous codes Fabulous!

A regular user on this app to keep track of my leftover minutes and data... i got logged out and now its not letting me back in... even the forgot PIN option is not working anymore. Marvelous

Keep it up to date. There a new offers that are not included in the app, please keep it up-to-date so we can avail new offers as well. Cool

There is an issue in this app of LTE data counter I have availed monthly package but when I go to LTE data counter tab it say no data package availed. Kindly fix this issue Must have

Great step by Warid Pakistan. Amazing app for warid customer everyone can easily manage their account by using warid app. Not bad

Sir, mujhe is apps ka password bhool gaya aur yeh forget mein bhi aik question jo phooch raha hai woh bhi yad nai hai. Please mehrbani kar ke meri problem hal karein Amazing!

My data counter doesnt work perhaps after jazz guys took over. Also data loss seems irrational unlike during those warid days. Honestly i dont think anyone is even managing this app anymore. Marvelous

2G remaining data is not showing in balance info when I try to active 2G packeg it says invalid commend . whats its mean answer plz wow lol

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